Modern Day Superhero

Modern Day Superhero

Be a Conductor of Life


The modern day Super-Hero is the person who is holding so much Life Force (clarity, vitality, flowing love for all, and knowledge of Natural & Universal Law) that they are keeping the otherwise severely compromised and dying network of humanity alive.


If you are in wholeness, brimming with strong, loving Life Force, you are literally keeping humanity alive and giving humanity a chance to recover; to express as the interconnected network of loving, brilliant souls-in-form that we are designed to be! Every person who comes back to this level of wholeness conducts life back into the collective ‘body-human‘: the body of humanity. Begin thinking about the human body NOT as your body but as OUR united, connected singularity as a body of humans. Individually we are like cells in a body. Collectively we are the body. That is how connected we are. The fact that we have come to see ourselves otherwise is the greatest error of all time.


Presently, it is as if the ‘body-human’ has an increasingly terminal cancer spreading through it. We are each responsible for saving this ‘body-human’ and we each have a chance to be the Super-Hero of all Superheroes, right here, right now!


Thank you to every one of you Super-Heroes-in-the-making who are diligently restoring yourselves and thereby providing the only & likely final chance we have to cure our ‘body-human.’ Please keep doing the restorative work on yourselves. The second you light up in full, you become a restorer of the whole of humanity – a bona fide Super-Hero!


In loving service,