Take Back Our Truth

Take Back Our Truth

False Light Defined


You are living in an ideological construct. That is what the Matrix is. When I say it is “false light” that means it is false knowledge, false information, an illusionary mesh of lies that lock you in and have you believing it to be real, true, sensible. It is anything but.


We must see through this false-light ideological web so we can take back our truth. When we take back our truth and are no longer saturated by the ills and evils of the false light, we will see that we also do not need outside government. Once restored, we are naturally self-governing. Talk about small government! The bigger the outside authority becomes, the more evidence that we are in a mind-control trance, distanced from our truth, entrained in and by the false light – made into zombies.


This is why communism (and its precursors) are so antithetical to humanity. Communism is evidence of the annihilation of the human Spirit & it’s truth. It is like a tombstone – a sign that the eradication of human truth is complete.




The opposite of communism is not capitalism. The opposite of communism is self-governance. Believe in your own goodness under all this mind-control. We can dissolve the Matrix web inside of us and be restored to our truth.


The degree to which we dissolve the web of false light is the degree to which we can easily be accountable and responsible for our actions and be a blessing to life, no further government required.


We could still choose to have collective laws & elected officers but these laws and their guardians would be a beacon of that true light.


As we catch the vision and restore ourselves to freedom from the mental, physical & emotional dystrophy of a lifetime in the Matrix, the humanity-wide restoration takes shape.


Ask yourself this genuinely: “How capable am I of self-governing?” This will tell you a great deal about how deeply the Matrix has ensnared you. It’s not about self-judgement. Use what you know to right yourself. Measure your success by how the answer to that question changes over time.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose