Soul Growth

Soul Growth

“It is better to fail in a cause that would ultimately win than win in a cause that must ultimately fail.” – Woodrow Wilson


There are so many of you doing what is life-generating in the face of a world wired for what is life-deteriorating. And then, there are so many anti-energetic, siphoning, vampirical forces that will never learn how to access power any other way than to take it by insidious, sneaky means.


The world will soon understand the difference between what is life-generating vs. life-deteriorating and reject all connections with the latter. You might feel a bit lonely now if you’re aligning with the former. But if your soul is growing, then your real gold is growing & your incorruptibility will be growing – so you’ll ultimately win.


To win is for your soul to grow, not to reap a material trophy in any of its forms. Yours is not a trite life. Yours is an alchemical opportunity seized. Keep doing the life-generating thing. 2021 is insisting upon it.


In loving service,




Soul Growth

Soul Growth

Grow Your Soul


Remember that ‘playing it safe,’ meaning toeing the cultural/societal line, almost never equates to safety in the long run.


Conformity is not safe; it merely presents an illusion of safety.


You are only truly safe when your values & wisdom align with your soul growth — this requires courage every time and often appears to the outside world of conformists as madness.


The individual on his/her noble (albeit oft’ misunderstood) heroic journey has a natural, healthy irreverence for how the conformed perceive them.  That is how it must be and how it is for those who move on, evolve and grow enlightened.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose