Ready to ascend

Ready to ascend

Hey Beautiful Human Family!

We are all eligible for individual ascension and a lot of us are feeling it. How are we feeling it? If we are in flow with life and aware of what growth looks like, we are tingling and quickening more every day. We are softening where we were previously rigid and becoming empowered where we were fragile. We are getting ‘downloads’ of wisdom and intuitive hits are coming in with unmistakable clarity. Perhaps most importantly, we are seeing the value in our bitterest challenges and working with them like a helpful tool for our restructuring to correct our alignment so we can rise up in frequency to be a vibrational match to our incorruptible Oversoul.

Many are resisting the changes we need to make – that our higher mind/Oversoul has put into place in order for us to learn to detach from lower vibration frequencies.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to be transfigured before your very eyes. I’m not criticizing you when I share the following (I’m just offering this to help you get off the hamster wheel and out of the cage, off the metaphorical ‘streets’ of the dark-mother-teacher/matrix (more in that in another installment).

So here’s what I want to bring to your attention:

Misguided conflict is one of the biggest traps that can impede your ascension because these keep you in low/chaotic frequencies. You can either keep getting suckered into these conflicts (which have no noble end but just rev your ‘negativity engine’) or you can start spotting these traps as you might learn to spot speed traps so you don’t get caught by them and get huge fines).

If you want to capitalize on this remarkable, once in maybe many lifetimes opportunity – a soul event that we’ve possibly been waiting on for aeons – you’ve got to clean up your frequency and stop spinning with reactions to things you’ve put on your radar to fight against.

I stopped following and listening to virtually all media having to do with cxxxx and all the politics around it. And guess what… I haven’t missed anything important. I don’t engage with any conflict around it (or any vain conflict period anymore). I’m busy ascending and as I do so I have a higher perspective on foolish mental and emotional engagements.

Misguided conflict is one of the biggest traps that can impede your ascension because these keep you in low/chaotic frequencies.

You can do this too – it’s easy once you figure it out. I will be illuminating this in my next offering but for now, I just want to get you into awareness with this so you can prevent missing out on riding the higher frequencies up to which your Oversoul is pulling you! Of course “up” can only be equal to our depths. Hence embracing and comprehending the meaning of our struggles enables us to ascend (like a tree that ascends in equal measure to the securing of its roots in the ground).

So when I see people quarreling here about cvd (and all its various medical and political tentacles), people who fancy themselves to be politically superior and more consciously aware, they are missing the point, purpose and magic of this part of the world-game and are getting trapped (and will have to pay big ‘soul-fines’ as a result) rather than benefiting from flying above the radar and seeing the opportunity within the game.

Arguing about cvd will hamper your ascension. By all means, stand strong in your sovereignty and don’t compromise your clear truth. Be in your power with whatever you have come to with your keen analysis of the facts. But don’t then miss the point of being in your strength by quarreling and ultimately lose the real opportunity here, which is to transcend the drama playing out in the game. We have to learn to see behind appearances. Everything we do will either contribute to our ascension by aligning us with the frequency of our Oversoul or cause our frequency to ‘miss the mark’ and stay in a scrambled, lower soul-experience.

Take your time and think things through based on this and you’ll get better at deciphering what is the best/right use of your energy. Don’t miss your chance to return to your home frequency simply because something triggers you or because you mistakenly think you need to tell everyone what you know and why you’re right.

There are ways to share highly valuable perspectives that are in alignment with the Oversoul. There is no conflict in these assertions. They are simply clear, empowered assertions. A good example of this is the way David Martin conducts his lectures and shares knowledge. There is no quarreling or anger or pettiness. He makes elegant, intelligent connections and lifts up the minds and hearts of those he reaches.

David is just one example that comes to mind.

Take your time and think things through based on this and you’ll get better at deciphering what is the best/right use of your energy.

Sometimes the need to react and quarrel in this cvd ‘fight club’ is due to a shadow aspect that wants to be seen/heard. We have to seek out our motives for everything we do – when we do that we find our shadows and can integrate them.

This is such a rich playing field for growth if we understand it and appreciate the opportunity of this time, rather than remain blinded by the drama.

Hopefully, this has illuminated things a bit and you can tidy up your alignment and skirt the traps (and eventually transcend it all!).

Pure love from my heart to yours! ❤️❤️

Knowing your Worth

Knowing your Worth

Know Your Worth


I wish we didn’t live in such a cruel world where value is measured erroneously by one’s material portfolio, but most are deeply entrenched in that paradigm. Ignorance of the workings of the world cause one to be swallowed up by the ill-placed values of the world. This impacts ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ alike.


I wish to shine the spotlight on your intrinsic value: what you are is pure SOUL-GOLD, the most valuable substance there could possibly be.


Imagine a pile of gold going around looking to earn a fiat dollar or a euro or maybe a few bitcoin? How ridiculous?! Don’t get caught up in that! You are worth incalculably more than any currency and yet you likely feel you are worthless and/or you possibly even fear destitution (or what may become of you if you slow down your productivity or if the stock market crashes).


You are the Gold


It’s hard to remember this if you do not make it the center of your belief system. Your sense of security determines your ability to get beyond your foundational sense of safety in your life, to be creative, to engage with life more expansively. So this foundational sense of self-worth is critical for your human expression.


You are the gold standard. The world is the paper currency. Get that right. You are of the greatest value. The things the world holds up as valuable are all distractions to make you undervalue yourself.


It’s hard to untrain that but it’s a crying shame if you don’t! You are IT. You could never be sketched in a design studio or coded by computer programmers. You are above all of this by a million miles. Please remember this and never let go of your incomparable value. You are the GOLD! You are the GOLD! You are the GOLD!!


In loving service,




Natural & Pure

Natural & Pure

Sans Make up

At a time when the world has gone so fake and plastic and image obsessed, I’ve made the conscious decision to go the other way. I’m posting lately without any make up (tho I do love my lashes which are enhanced, full disclosure – but that’s my only enhancement). I’ve never used Botox or any injections and never will. I don’t bleach my teeth. I want the work I do and the principles I live by to speak and hopefully, in my ‘raw state’ to be more impactful. It’s also liberating and empowering to just be natural & pure and not need to be perfect. I realize my recent photos and videos look quite raw when contrasted with the polished professional photo images. Its been big for me to let a lot of my grays grow in without rushing to cover them over. I hope the hyper-fake-image-pendulum soon swings the other way and balances itself over the point of authenticity. It would really help people, I think, to drop all the artificiality. And at the end of the day, I am very proud of the work I do in the healing arts and I believe that speaks for itself. Remember ladies (& gents too): you are not dolls to be objectified and valued by some air-brush standard. Your soul is what needs to be beautiful. One thing I can say about these recent raw shots & videos is that I was extremely happy in the moments when they were captured. That’s what matters. Love your authentic truth!

Natalia Rose ❤️

Abstaining from Consumption

Abstaining from Consumption

Abstention from Consumption


Imagine if everyone went into nature, abstained from food and sex and took a vow of silence for a couple of weeks, just bathing in living-waters (inside and out), sleeping, resting and placing their thoughts ‘on High.’


A fierce army of individuals would emerge.


Cleansing, resting and abstaining from consumption create the conditions which flood the body, mind & Spirit with Life Force Power. The world may still be in shambles but such an individual would walk among the world’s ruins as a Force-field of strength & light.


Build your Fierce Being. Stand up heroically for the innocent and for righteousness. Your life is not merely relegated to this 3-D earth realm. What happens here matters less than what becomes of your Soul while you are here. It’s not about surviving in this body and lifetime – though that would be nice. It’s about your immortal, eternal Soul.


Even if they come at us with every evil from the Matrix,  it’s our eternal Souls that matter. Prepare for anything. Ready your body mind & Spirit. It’s through our Souls that we will win or fail here.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose