The Forces of Chaos

The Forces of Chaos

Chaos-Causing Confusion



The worst part about chaos is the confusion it causes, co-opting one’s mind. When in confusion, one typically has no clue what to stand for or how to make wise choices. Fear takes the lead & paralyses higher, lucid thought.


Chaos, like the whirling information currently circulating is like being taken under a powerful wave and being churned around so badly that in seeking the surface and air, one bumps up instead against the sea floor.


What do you stand for? And why? Have you lost your sense of which way is up because of the powerful churning forces of chaos?


You see, we must become stronger than the forces of chaos! We do this by building the force-field of our own mind instead of being part of the hive mind, a.k.a., the Matrix-collective.


Just as government can be broken down to mind-control (govern =control & ment =mind), so too can “statement” be broken down into “position your mind.” To position oneself is to set in place, in other words, to “stand” or to stand for something.


Suggestions for the aspiring sovereign:


1. Position your mind out of the hive/Matrix-mind.


2. Strengthen your mind-field so that your mental power is far greater than the forces of chaos which breed confusion.


3. Determine, with your uncommonly lucid mind, what you feel is truly worthy of standing for.


4. Then stand, fiercely & unapologetically for it, remaining fluid enough that this worthy purpose may yet evolve! In fact, it must if you are truly in syntropic flight!



What Do You Stand For?


What do I stand for? I stand for Source, the Original Source of Life Force, the Highest There Is. I soldier to protect Source where I see it met with antagonist forces and, most importantly, I strive to remove any and all obstruction I find to Source within myself. These antagonistic forces come in countless forms, so it is no good to only be committed to select forms such as through dietary or ecological disciplines.


This striving to align with & stand with Source is the core of my personal practice. It is simple but profound for me. It is the way I have come to.


What will you come to in your authentic truth when you can stand among the forces of chaos and be unmoved?



in loving service,