The Forces of Chaos

The Forces of Chaos

Chaos-Causing Confusion



The worst part about chaos is the confusion it causes, co-opting one’s mind. When in confusion, one typically has no clue what to stand for or how to make wise choices. Fear takes the lead & paralyses higher, lucid thought.


Chaos, like the whirling information currently circulating is like being taken under a powerful wave and being churned around so badly that in seeking the surface and air, one bumps up instead against the sea floor.


What do you stand for? And why? Have you lost your sense of which way is up because of the powerful churning forces of chaos?


You see, we must become stronger than the forces of chaos! We do this by building the force-field of our own mind instead of being part of the hive mind, a.k.a., the Matrix-collective.


Just as government can be broken down to mind-control (govern =control & ment =mind), so too can “statement” be broken down into “position your mind.” To position oneself is to set in place, in other words, to “stand” or to stand for something.


Suggestions for the aspiring sovereign:


1. Position your mind out of the hive/Matrix-mind.


2. Strengthen your mind-field so that your mental power is far greater than the forces of chaos which breed confusion.


3. Determine, with your uncommonly lucid mind, what you feel is truly worthy of standing for.


4. Then stand, fiercely & unapologetically for it, remaining fluid enough that this worthy purpose may yet evolve! In fact, it must if you are truly in syntropic flight!



What Do You Stand For?


What do I stand for? I stand for Source, the Original Source of Life Force, the Highest There Is. I soldier to protect Source where I see it met with antagonist forces and, most importantly, I strive to remove any and all obstruction I find to Source within myself. These antagonistic forces come in countless forms, so it is no good to only be committed to select forms such as through dietary or ecological disciplines.


This striving to align with & stand with Source is the core of my personal practice. It is simple but profound for me. It is the way I have come to.


What will you come to in your authentic truth when you can stand among the forces of chaos and be unmoved?



in loving service,



Trolls at the Gate: Bullies, Energy Vampires and Narcissists & Your Chance at Sovereignty

Trolls at the Gate: Bullies, Energy Vampires and Narcissists & Your Chance at Sovereignty

Trolls at the Gate: Bullies, Energy Vampires and Narcissists & Your Chance at Sovereignty


Every single person I have ever known that has begun to take their power back — either from the Matrix-illusions or from an imbalanced relationship has, without fail, been met with “trolls at the gate.”


“Trolls at the gate” are people who will try to trip you up as you start to step into your wholeness, retrieve yourself power and embody your autonomy & sovereignty. They are people who have historically asserted power over you and wish to continue to do so as they see you becoming empowered and growing out of their ability to control you.


They cannot manipulate you anymore and it drives them mad. They see you growing beyond what you were, and it triggers them to interfere with that process. This is a result of their own fear of what your growth may mean to them, either because it removes an energetic resource or it shines a light on their shortcomings.


In their fear and panic over this loss of control over you, they lay booby traps around you in countless forms, such as ridiculing or belittling you, shaming you, twisting your words, pressing on old wounds, teasing at perceived weaknesses and all sorts of other potentially crazy-making or hurtful things. The message is simple: don’t fall for it.


If you fall prey to their traps, you’ll suffer a great set back. You’ve worked too hard to get where you are. So you must instead become wise and impervious to ‘troll tactics.’


Armor Against Trolls


That’s not to say you become arrogant. You can be confident and humble at the same time. If you’re on the right path, you will have already learned the importance of healthy, strong boundaries & striking that balance.


In a state of constructive confidence you will be too slippery for any of their sabotage attempts. You’ll glide through ‘the gate,’ passing the ‘initiation’ and in so doing learn a great deal about yourself and the power you actually possess.


Troll tactics can come at you slowly and consistently or in a barrage/onslaught. It can be as blatant and harsh as being threatened or given ultimatums or as subtle as being dismissed or ignored. But it’s all part & parcel of dysfunctional shadow casting by people who do not actually have your best interests at heart. Those who do have your best interests at heart will always support your growth and provide loving direction where it may be needed.


I urge you, especially at this time when the energies on the planet are so distinctly supporting our ascension in consciousness and restoration to power, do not fall prey to the illusions these ‘trolls at the gate’ cast to trip you up. They are operating in a different zone and will only pull you back into their zone.


Don’t buy into their attempts to mock you, demean you’re ideas, insult your path or cut down your vision. Often these ‘trolls at the gate’ are family members, close friends or co-workers. It’s not easy and it can feel so unfair. You may feel so misunderstood. But again, you can’t let that derail you. It’s part of your right of passage to accept it and persevere despite it.


Be slippery. See the tactics from a mile away and don’t let anything stick. A degree of self-doubt is healthy. But what these ‘trolls at the gate’ send out has one aim: to prevent your empowerment. You have the chance of a lifetime to restore your power. It’s priceless and noble. Illegitimi non carborundum (don’t let the bastards grind you down).


in loving service,