The Supreme Universal & Natural Laws

The Supreme Universal & Natural Laws

LAW NUMBER 10: The Law of Conductivity


(from my free online course, The Supreme Universal & Natural Laws)


The electromagnetic current of life is conducted through living fields which are an invisible network where lines cross creating individuated points of consciousness. There are fields upon fields – macro fields like humans and solar systems and micro fields like atoms, electrons and neutrinos. Individuated entities are nourished by currents of life force transmissions conducted to them through the network of the living system in which they exist.


However, the network is also nourished by these individuated entities. The individuated entities actually generate energy from within themselves called “scalar” energy. This scalar energy, coined by Nikola Tesla and called “orgone” by Willhelm Reich is just as important as the electromagnetic linear energy (it is arguably the source of the linear electromagnetic energy). Suffice it to say that the two forms of energy are co-operative and complementary. Where energy fails to conduct through this network and from within the individuated form to the network, the living system becomes depleted.


There are 5 major ways in which Life-Force can be compromised from within and without:


  1. Obstruction
  2. Severing
  3. Tangling
  4. Impact
  5. Discordant energy


When any one of these five compromises occur, conductivity suffers and the Life-Force current will ultimately stop pulsing/conducting and thus cause the living system to rapidly die out for lack of Life-Force flow.


The death cycle is always triggered by one of these above five events that compromise the lines of energy of the living system.


Extract from: The Supreme Universal & Natural Laws, as presented by Natalia Rose




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