Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper

French Kiss


If you think you’re sexy…but you don’t use a tongue scraper, I hate to break it to you, but it may be that you’re not as sexy as you think. The mouth is a major eliminative orifice. Researchers in the Netherlands discovered that a 10 second French kiss can spread 80 million bacteria between mouths.


Making its Way into the Mouth


But hang on, and let’s go a level deeper because those germs are just the effect of pathogens developing among the waste that’s being excreted from deep in the body into the mouth (we always want to get to original cause, not get stuck on the symptom). What you need to know (and you’ll never hear this in a toothpaste commercial) is that intestinal waste moves through the tissues (even through the tiny channels that link the gums and intestines to other organs in the body) and it makes its way into the mouth (that’s why some people’s mouths actually smell like poo). Gross, sorry!


Never forget that your organism is a dynamic interconnected network that is nothing, if not porous, and pouring substances from system to system constantly.


I wouldn’t focus on the germs, that’s the superficial end effect – the tail wagging the dog. I would rather consider the way the body excretes its waste — through all its eliminative organs. Not so sexy to contemplate at first glance, but very sexy when you understand how it works and get a handle on real hygiene and what that means to you (and the one you play kissy-face with).


Add Tongue Scraping to your Deep Tissue Cleansing Routine


The stronger the fortitude of your organs, the more efficient the eliminative process is. So, when you are in the throes of deep tissue cleansing and beyond, you will want to be even more on top of your scrub-a-dub-dub routine. And always, always, always clean your mouth after exercise. For goodness sake, your body is sweating and expunging which means eliminative orifices are activated ever the more!


Tongue scraping is done before and/or after brushing — it should be done several times a day. In fact, brushing should be done 4-5 times a day, not 2-3 (always with a soft tooth brush) and taking care not to ram the gums as excessive brushing done improperly can recess the gums. And, of course always use fluoride free, natural toothpaste. Let’s not destroy brain cells when we brush.


Clean Sink, Clean House


Many years ago, I read somewhere that a clean kitchen sink was the mark of a clean house. From that day forward, I have kept an immaculate kitchen sink (and strive for order at home throughout as our spaces greatly influence our life experience). But here’s what I’m getting at…your mouth is like your kitchen sink. It should always be clean and there’s really nothing like a proper metal tongue scraper to ensure that’s the case.


Tongue Scraping Guidelines


Don’t be overzealous with your new tongue scraper in the early days as you can scratch your palate which isn’t nice (heals quickly though). But over time, you’ll find just the right pressure and rhythm for the unique make-up of your mouth. I haven’t been to the dentist in over 13 years. I never get so much as a sensitivity in my mouth simply because the insides of my body are clean and I am fastidious (but never harsh) with my brushing and tongue scraping routine. They should be used in tandem multiple times daily. I know dentists and dental hygienists might get annoyed with me for saying so, but this combo far exceeds the benefits of brushing and flossing by comparison.


Enjoy the sensation! Kiss, kiss.


In loving service,