Knowing your Worth

Knowing your Worth

Know Your Worth


I wish we didn’t live in such a cruel world where value is measured erroneously by one’s material portfolio, but most are deeply entrenched in that paradigm. Ignorance of the workings of the world cause one to be swallowed up by the ill-placed values of the world. This impacts ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ alike.


I wish to shine the spotlight on your intrinsic value: what you are is pure SOUL-GOLD, the most valuable substance there could possibly be.


Imagine a pile of gold going around looking to earn a fiat dollar or a euro or maybe a few bitcoin? How ridiculous?! Don’t get caught up in that! You are worth incalculably more than any currency and yet you likely feel you are worthless and/or you possibly even fear destitution (or what may become of you if you slow down your productivity or if the stock market crashes).


You are the Gold


It’s hard to remember this if you do not make it the center of your belief system. Your sense of security determines your ability to get beyond your foundational sense of safety in your life, to be creative, to engage with life more expansively. So this foundational sense of self-worth is critical for your human expression.


You are the gold standard. The world is the paper currency. Get that right. You are of the greatest value. The things the world holds up as valuable are all distractions to make you undervalue yourself.


It’s hard to untrain that but it’s a crying shame if you don’t! You are IT. You could never be sketched in a design studio or coded by computer programmers. You are above all of this by a million miles. Please remember this and never let go of your incomparable value. You are the GOLD! You are the GOLD! You are the GOLD!!


In loving service,