The Exalted Life – One More Day for Early Registration!

The Exalted Life – One More Day for Early Registration!

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The Exalted Life


I don’t think I have ever been more excited to offer a course! This one is deeply personal and intensely concentrated – explosive with the key spiritual secrets of life!  It is urgent while timeless; uniquely concentrated in the short span of a single day, yet designed to be extended like an accordion, and studied over the long-term.


I’m going to go where I’ve never gone before, responding to dynamic inspiration, to the driving demand by my Soul that has said, “This is the time! You need to be empowered with this now!”


The Exalted Life is like getting the ‘Crib Notes’ on all the keys of wisdom it has taken me my entire lifetime to discover.  It encompasses the:

  • Deepest innermost knowledge I have gained
  • Real life application of the paramount Universal Law and its extensive implications
  • Method I used to remap my life once I discovered these secrets and the transformation it has made in me (and will make in you too!)
  • What taking your power back looks like in real terms and how to distinctly accomplish it
  • My own personal insights for how to overcome suffering of all kinds: heartache, fear, emotional pain, grief, abandonment, abuse, bodily ailments, impossible relationships and more
  • Means to navigate life’s biggest pitfalls: loss of self-esteem, negative patterns, addictions, dysfunctional relationships, loss of hope, etc.


This Highly-Concentrated day of learning will specifically address how to:


  • Merge with the Divine energies and Source Creator qualities
  • Be completely re-shaped by these awakened qualities
  • Develop strength for anything that comes your way
  • Be on your own or with others without losing your sense of strength and power
  • Gain power over your fears
  • Re-build and re-imagine yourself and your life
  • Navigate any life-situation, making decisions and choices you can be confident will ultimately improve your life and increase your Soul-Force
  • Break free from patterns of dependency on other people and external stimulants
  • Walk away from relationships that do not serve you, with grace, clarity and relative ease
  • Protect and improve the meaningful relationships in your life, and SO much more!!


I will present you with key secrets for unblocking, unlocking and restoring the innate resplendent qualities dispensed to you straight from the Creative Source of Life!


In just one day, you will receive my most precious pieces of wisdom – knowledge that I have learned along the way in my own life, a rather treacherous life, despite appearances.


It’s time to RISE UP – to become EXALTED! The days of your light, power, beauty and strength being suppressed are over!


This presentation cannot wait. It is being offered urgently for immediate integration into your life because there simply is no more time to waste to lift yourself up and out of the erroneous, confused ways of thinking and engaging, preventing you from developing a truly great life.


I cannot wait to share it all with you on the morning following the Spring Equinox, Sunday, March 21, 2021, the true beginning of the New Year!


The Exalted Life will be presented via Zoom, March 21 from 9am-3pm EST.


Course Fee $199 for early registration: (enroll by March 7, 2021)


Regular Fee $299 (after March 7, 2021)


Up! Up! & Away We Go!


So much love,