The Spirit of Divine Defiance

The Spirit of Divine Defiance

This has come up a lot lately so for whom it applies, I hope this helps: When friendship does not equal your standards, don’t believe less in friendship; instead believe in the greatness of friendship even more!


If love did not rise up to meet you in equal measure, don’t believe less in great love, believe in great love even more! Such is the spirit of divine defiance!!


If you feel you were just not made for this world at times because your heart just feels wounded more than it probably should, that’s when you can believe in a world that is as big and loving and overflowing with dynamic sentience as you are. If you are all these things, your world is too and there are others just like you!


Yes, this goes for the body too – when you see illness or physical weakness presenting in yourself or others, that’s the time to believe in indomitable vitality and physical prowess even more, not less!


in loving service,