I’m preparing to depart for an extended vacation with my family to South Africa–no media, no computer, no hand-held devices! Just endless indulging in sea, sun, and play!

My next installment will be on the topic of “Fung-eggs and Corn-fish.” What is that, you ask? I invite anyone who wants to take a gander to send an e-mail to Ana at analaddg@hotmail.com with that in the subject line. I’ll announce the person who comes closest to getting it! (N.B. This doesn’t apply to people with whom I’ve already discussed it).

I’ll give you two hints. Hint #1: substances like fung-eggs and corn-fish are the latest in mainstream foods (but you’ll never hear them referred to that way). Hint #2: the concept of a species’ biomass is central to the explanation of what they are and how they came to be. That’s all you’re getting out of me now!

A special note to community members: Look out for a new release from me on Emotional Eating on 12/16/09. It’s Part One of a two-part e-book entitiled “Emotional Eating S.O.S.” I’ll have Part Two ready for you early in the new year.

Also, make sure to keep watching for new Q & A’s with Ana Ladd-Griffin and new recipes from Chef Doris Choi of Detox Delivery on the membership community. Check out Doris’s new sushi recipe that goes up tonight!

I send my most heartfelt love to you all. You are not alone in your desires, your struggles, your passion, or your vision. We are a family–seeding a beautiful future together to reap together!

As the locals in South Africa say during the holidays, “Happy Happy!” (pronounced “Appy Appy!”)

All Love & sunshine,