Dear Natalia,

I will start with thank you. A friend suggested your book. After several attempts to get me to read your book, I finally took a look and purchased “Raw Food Life Force Energy” and then another. It has changed my life. I had been overweight most of my live and planned on having the lap-band. Luckily, I was not a candidate and the docs recommended gastric by-pass. I knew I would not have that procedure. But I say luckily because I then knew that I would have to make the change from within and not depend upon a crutch. In addition I was turning 50 and realizing that I had to take the weight off myself and that was the impetus to change my lifestyle. So last March 2008, I started the 21 day program. My goal was to lose 50 lbs. by Aug (my 50th birthday). I have now lost 74 lbs. and would like to lose 30 more. It was much easier than I expected. This truly is a lifestyle change that has improved my health and appearance.

I am an optometrist and see most patients once a year and many of them ask me how I lost the weight. What diet did I follow? Most of them think that I had surgery. They are usually surprised when I tell them that I changed my eating habits and lifestyle. I explain to them that it is not a diet but a lifestyle. I then give them the name of your book.

It has not been the perfect journey and I do not expect it to have an end because it is the journey itself…the life force energy that propels me forward. Thank you and I continue to learn and by the way…I look terrific, feel terrific and people have noticed the “glow”….and I know it is the “good vibrations”…

Most sincerely,