Hi Natalia,

I just had an amazing visit with a friend and wanted to share it with you. Last spring I heard about a new nutritionist at my local Whole Foods. Always one to explore new ways to lose the same TEN pounds I have been trying to lose forever, I made an appointment to visit with her. Actually, I dragged my husband with me. He often humors me and goes on these excursions!

The nutritionist introduced us to your book. I was intrigued, as usual, and my husband really liked her and seriously considered her/your message. To make a long story short, we started your program in its most basic form, paying careful attention to not combine foods and eliminate dairy. We both immediately felt better and started to spread the word. I’m big on doing that.

Around this time our very dear rabbi was experiencing some significant health problems and I am friendly with his wife. I felt compelled to call her and tell her about “my food discovery.” They are an amazing couple and I wanted to be of help. Well, not only did she embrace the whole theory, she told all of England about it! She is from London and has a huge family there. They are all now converts to raw foods.

Now to the amazing experience. I invited my friend, the rabbi’s wife, over to juice with me yesterday. We had a marvelous time drinking one of my yummy juice concoctions and discussing how we are both so drawn to this way of eating. I might mention that she is the wife of a Chabad rabbi and keeps a strict Orthodox home. She was telling me how she has completely adapted her traditional meals by replacing them with innovative recipes. Her husband is thriving and her kids kvetch a bit that “there is nothing to eat,” but she is NOT budging. “They will all adapt,” she says. Talk about commitment.

Our visit inspired me to look more closely at all the reasons I tend to go on and off the program. I so admired her commitment. If she could make the lifestyle change for her and her family of eight, surely I could. Many thanks for continuing to share your information and insights and be such a conscientious messenger. Love your blogs!

Kindest regards,