Guacamole isn’t just a dip for tortilla chips. It makes a great spread for collard rolls as well as a great dressing for kale salads. This is a great Thai inspired spin on the classic guacamole!

• 4 avocados, pitted and peeled

• 1 cup red bell pepper, finely diced

• ¼ cup mint leaves, finely chopped

• ¼ cup thai or regular basil, finely chopped

• 4 scallions, finely chopped

• 1 knob ginger, peeled and minced

• 1 tbs lemongrass, minced

• 2 tbs lime juice

• 1 tbs soy sauce

• 1 tbs chinese chili paste

Mash all ingredients with a fork until nearly smooth, stir in rest of the ingredients.

Tip: How do you keep guacamole from turning brown? Sticking the avocado pit in the guacamole doesn’t work and covering it with plastic wrap, removing all the air is a bit better but I find thinly sliced limes (on a mandolin) on top of the guacamole creates a good barrier. When you remove the limes, it lifts off any of the browned parts with it revealing a lovely green layer of guacamole.