The Answers You Seek are Found Within


At all times, especially now, it is ideal that the answers you seek are found within – in the sovereign, clear counsel of your wise, highly-connected-with-Supreme-Creator-Self.


Clean out Your Kingdom First


But if what if your ‘within’ is all filled up with culturally instilled programming and media scripts along with all the dysfunctional reactions and emotions placed in you by those who raised you? Well, in that case, you’ll want to do a good bit of ‘kingdom cleaning’ before you’d want to go within.


What is your ‘within’ filled with? The adage “go within” is only as sage as your ‘within’ is truly worthy of being a pure, dependable counselor to yourself.




We can be beyond counselors & government and only have leaders in place as general reinforcements. But we have to be clean, clear, connected with the Source of the Forces of Goodness first. We may collectively be a long way from not requiring a structure to enforce a worldly ‘rule of law.’ But you, as an individual, can be very close to self-rulership and self-counsel.


Your Own Best Personal Advisor


Clean out your own Kingdom, become your best personal advisor. While everyone is going mad, seize this opportunity to make your kingdom within one where you can find all the answers you seek and all the direction you could ever need.


Clean Out Every Room in Your Kingdom


Your kingdom’s castle has many rooms that need cleaning: your physical room, your mental room, your emotional room, your sexual room, your energetic room and your spiritual room.


First go within to clean and when that’s done, you can go within to live, navigate & enjoy!


in loving service,