Where the Focus Should Be


Three things I would not want to be without:

  1. My discipline
  2. My tools
  3. My knowledge


This time on earth is testing each of us. We will either rise up with strength or be crushed. This time on earth is no joke.


The focus needs to be on strengthening yourself: spiritually, physically & mentally.


Every day is a day of strengthening and growing closer to our Creator-Source. This requires great mental, physical and spiritual effort. This requires over-coming all lower tendencies & discarding all folly & illusions.




Discipline is my friend, virtue is my steadfast companion. Yes, I get tired and I fail to rise to my highest possible expression at times but I would not trade the daily discipline and focused Exalted Life-path for anything.


Discipline is developed over time – it’s not something one is born with, it’s a strength one must develop through perseverance and with determination!


The tools I refer to are those tangible items and intangible approaches that enable us to remediate and improve anything inferior in and/or around ourselves.




The knowledge is the golden Intel that directs our actions, thoughts, creative pursuits & choices (informing our discipline & tools). If we are focused on the right things and learn to see life clearly, we find this knowledge.


This is not a time for lollygagging, daydreaming, escapism and mindlessly passing your life away. This is a time when each moment/hour/day should be spent in some way overcoming your weaknesses.


We have so many weaknesses that need strengthening – so take your pick – but don’t take a day off … there is a battle on for your soul and the dial has been turned up. The stronger your resolve and the bigger your reserves – built by the sweat of your righteous efforts – the more likely you will be to come out intact.


An Intact Soul


An intact soul is the name of the game! But make no mistake, that intact soul depends upon the strength, power & health of its body, mind & emotions!


Have you trained your body for strength today?


Have you checked the influences upon your mind and emotions?


Have you had a look at the battlefield?


I have. I see it every day and it’s not looking good for those without great discipline, tools & knowledge. Discipline is the new indulgence. Let’s get serious about fighting for our Souls & remaining intact during this increasingly challenging time on earth.


In loving service,