Social Conditioning: Installment 5


Your next major clue is also by way of an adage you can apply universally: Social Engineering (and any form of imposed manipulation) can only have its way with you if your consciousness is diminished. Why? Diminished consciousness equals diminished life-power. That’s a major insight right there! Those of you who really get that will go far!


Free Will


Consciousness is also linked to Free Will. If our consciousness diminishes, so too does our access to genuine Free Will diminish. The more our Network of Life is compromised, the more we lose consciousness and Free Will and instead become sitting ducks for the directives of another’s will – because we either come to perceive their directive as ‘right’ or as the only option (because we feel powerless to assert our own will in the face of theirs).


Instincts, Intuition and Intelligence


The more we repair our Network of Life, the more the degree of the intelligence flowing through our Network increases (equating to greater consciousness and increased Free Will)! Therefore, awareness of the impact that imbalance plays coupled with the repair work we are doing to restore our being translates immediately and directly into a heightened ability to discern as we were naturally able to – with acute instincts and reliable intuition. From there we reject all imbalanced nonsense and extricate ourselves fully from perverse, imposed external control.




Be vigilant always. Know that confusion is created to enact chaos and chaos increases entropy. Entropy is the depletion of life force. Follow these bread crumbs home to syntropy and never EVER let your ‘entropy guard’ down. Let nothing prey upon your energy by trying to spin webs of confusion around you. Take whatever time is needed to recapitulate your past and root-out the vulnerable places in your unconscious and subconscious mind where programming was stored long before you were even walking around in a mature alpha brain-wave state (when you could choose your beliefs consciously). Question everything. Question me. Be free – in the fullest sense!