Social Conditioning: Installment 4


The Great Shedding!


At long last, how do we shed, remove, exorcise, wake up from, and disband with the Socially Engineered hypnosis that has insidiously managed to convince us to overrule our own nature!? Oh, it requires a Herculean determination and strength because we must override belief systems and patterns that have been deeply rooted in us mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually & energetically. But, it is eminently doable!! So let’s do it, eh?!


Liberty Threatened


Here’s the most important clue – the key to life and the key to this issue – ready?! I’m going to give you an adage you must never EVER forget; it will be your key to positively everything in life. Here it is: Anything that threatens the balance of life threatens liberty. Therefore, we may confidently set about this expunging of Social Engineering journey for ourselves by identifying every cultural norm and directive that supports the imbalance life and pull our support out of it.


Imbalance is Unnatural


If we believe that it is in our nature to support imbalance, it is because we have bought into error. All collusion with the exploitation and degeneration of our land, water, air, earth creatures and our human lives is linked to our loss of liberty. Our loss of liberty is linked to an infiltration of a control agenda that does not come from our nature. Ergo, it’s unnatural and foreign and not for us (it is not ‘pro-us’). Its pro-something else. What else? Who knows – speculation may abound – but that’s not what you should dwell upon now.


Support Balance


What you must focus on now is reestablishing sanity for yourself by only supporting balance. Balance is the essential condition for liberty. It is insanity to imbalance one’s home. Earth is our home. Our well-being depends upon the wellbeing of its elements. It’s elements are our elements. Any belief system that has taken root in us that tells us otherwise is a factor of Social Engineering, or at the very least, an entity that is not pro-us.