A Demon Field


Demonic entities are now in the public forum. Apparently “demon semen” is trending. Who’d have predicted that?


This topic is intrinsically linked to the topic of the Dark Mind Matrix which I’ve been spotlighting in recent posts. In fact, the Dark Mind Matrix is actually fashioned by what can only be defined as a “demonic Mind-field.” As the key Hermetic Law of Mentalism reminds us: Mind precedes manifested form. So, logically it follows that the Dark Mind Matrix is a construct of a perverse mental entity – a demonic mind.


You will lose your fear around these terms (i.e., evil, demonic) once they are brought into the light of illumined conversation. If they remain in the shadows they will continue to haunt with their unwarranted power. They are only powerful if not understood. Once understood they can be rendered power-less.


Fellow Light-workers, remember we spoke about the epitome of Light being Incorruptibility. Incorruptibility is the degree to which something is unable to rot or decay. Supreme Light (the Source Code/Prime Creator-Light) is unable to rot or decay precisely because it is inhospitable to rogue entities. That is what defines ultimate power and is the very substance of our Souls!


Incorruptibility Protects


So, if we choose to move toward incorruptibility these demonic pathogens in any of their forms (whether as internal fungi and parasites or as demonic entities rummaging through your etheric field looking for a way into your psyche) will not find entry points or the acidic ‘food’ they require in you or in your greater energy field. They cannot bother you. Period. Incorruptibility protects your personal boundaries!


This is paramount to understand right now because so much is coming to light and we are collectively being invited to awaken and take the power siphoned off of us for eons back to its rightful ownership in our precious Souls!


Do not fear terms like “evil” and “demons” or the idea that you could have such things in you or feeding upon you. The fact is, they thrive and proliferate only in acidic environments so you can regain your power by rectifying that (both in the body’s biological terrain and in your wider energetic field where they otherwise suck your energy/power without your awareness.). Yes, you have to do the work to prevent them and to protect yourself and it’s not easy work BUT it’s necessary and what better time than now? The alternative, which is what we’ve seen in these ‘dark ages’ has proven to be a literal hell on earth.


This is the battle between light & dark and the war that’s waged by “principalities and powers” as spoken of in Ephesians 6:12. Hence, this is why we need to walk away from everything the Matrix has programmed us to be enticed by and to conform to. This conformity ensures humanity remains enslaved to the Matrix as it feeds upon us.


This is why we are programmed by the Dark Matrix ideologies to eat indiscriminately of rank substances that cause our internal rot and decay and to indulge in depraved practices and to take the path of least resistance (the lefthand path/wide road). Such behaviors feed the insatiable, evil, predatory entities. That is why in the Matrix that which is bad is called good and those who challenge that widely accepted, albeit erroneous, message and point out its perversions are discredited, shamed and marginalized.


You will never have to fear these malicious entities if you get the upper hand on them by understanding them academically and overcoming your Matrix-induced conditioning to gravitate toward things that enslave you as ‘food’ for them as you go round and round on the Matrix carousel.


Food and Cleansing


This is why it’s important to stop eating flesh and sugars, to avoid drugs – both pharmaceutical and recreational, to abstain from alcohol (remember all the above become a form of alcohol in the intestine too) and to protect your eyes, ears & energy field from these forces created by the Matrix through insidiously evil en-slave-tainment/entrainment-entertainment. It’s also why hedonistic places like bars, clubs and gatherings with people who are locked into the Matrix mindset are hotbeds for rogue entities that can attach to you.


Cleansing internally with water (colon irrigation) combined with high-alkaline diet washes huge quantitative of these internal dark entities out of you which makes it far easier to become a true Light worker (which is, again, defined by your ability to embody & wield the incorruptible substance of creative energy).


All the beneficial medicinal herbs and intravenous Ozone therapies and H2O2, when used properly with the guidance of a certified medical doctor will help eviscerate these malicious microbes too. They exterminate the pathogens within, and in so doing, they weaken the ones without. Without their food, they die off and fall off and get flushed out with the requisite internal irrigation and time in richly alkaline Nature. The sun burns off entities effortlessly if you use the sun wisely with a whole cleansing protocol.


in loving service,


Natalia Rose