While there is no doubt that our bodies need lots of motion, flexing, and fluidity for optimum performance, those of you who think you have to be a slave to an exercise regimen are in for the best news of your life: you can reach your perfect shape without any formal exercise when you apply the steps in the Raw Food Detox Diet.
Your skin tone will also improve because your cells are going to become healthier and tighter. Most of my Manhattan clients do a little more than the normal to-and-fro walking that the city demands.


Cleaning your body is likely going to trigger a desire to clear and cleanse your living space to reflect the inner cleansing that is taking place. You are more than likely going to feel inspired to create more clarity in your communications with others and live from a more honest space.


With this inner cleansing will come a greater sense of confidence in yourself and honor for your fellow man.
On a more physical level, you are going to experience greater levels of wellness and be less dependent on medications and fears relating to illness. Once you experience life at this level, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to go back to your previous habits.


You will achieve fast results that will last—even improve—over a lifetime.


Detoxifying the body through raw foods is a way of living. The goal is not to detox and then “retox,” but rather to learn how to love eating for constant improvement, reaching higher and higher levels of health and leanness.


One of the legion problems with traditional diets is that no one wants to maintain them long term. While the Raw Food Detox Diet starts to work as early as your first meal, it’s created to offer the best living experience available, so that you’ll want to make this your permanent lifestyle.


FROM: The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose