Pray for Release from the Matrix


Feel free to use the below prayer, my Friends. We can be freed of the matrix. It’s voluntary. We were always able, like Dorothy, to go ‘home,’ but the understanding of what kept us from ‘home’ is now becoming unbelievably clear – at least for me – and I want to share it with everyone so we can all live free – released from the ensnaring matrix-grip.


The Release Prayer


“Pure Power of Light, wash my mind so that it sings without interference. Remove the artificial matrix overlaying my true design, my powerful God-mind.


Elevate that artificial web so that it comes up, off and out of me, that trap around my essence, my body and my entire field, so it no longer oppresses me. It has prevented my life from being true. It was a moving, walking embedded cage. A man-trap, a woman-trap, a child-trap, a baby-trap. For as soon as we entered this realm/dimension, this matrix web was cast upon us, pinning us down, locking us in.


And so we were made to grow with it, to merge with it. It was artificially embedded in our authentic truth, corroding, rotting as artificial things do, decaying and causing the body, energy & mind to decay with it.


And with this artificial web fastened into the flesh and mind, both became subject to its strangulation. Forced to grow together with this metal-mesh insinuated into every cell, the bloodstream, the organs, bones and brain.


Pure Power of Light, please gently but thoroughly remove this matrix-metal-cage from every iota of my being. May I regenerate naturally and swiftly as a result of it having been removed from me.


No more shall programs and codes that ran through this false current system light up my neural network. No more shall I be subject to the reactions and fears of that evil artifice which was imposed upon me without my consent.


Thank you. I can see it leaving. I can feel the gentle way you are lifting and removing it from me, like scales from the eyes of my mind. There is no more fear. There is only connection now with the One Life & I can sense the life of magic that has been awaiting me.


I am back. I am restored to my unimpeded magical truth. Life begins here. Thank you. A million times, thank you!”


-in Loving service,