The Right Snacks


“Yes, but what about snacks?” my clients often ask me. They tend to do well with the detox meals but hit a wall when it comes to snacks. Although resting the digestive system between meals is important, allowing it to do some much-needed housekeeping, snacks provide emotional support, especially when transitioning into this lifestyle. If you need snacks as a part of your daily routine, raw vegetables are the best option. Keeping in mind that conscious eating (not mindless grazing) is important, you can still enjoy alternative snacks, such as kale chips, seasoned Kamut puffs, and baked starchy vegetables.


Raw vegetables are the most ideal snack: They are alkaline, water-containing, quick exit, neutral food for combining between meals, and they leave you feeling refreshed rather than temporarily stimulated and then wanting more. Common snacks such as energy bars, crackers, and other packaged snack foods are dense and addictive and will clog the body, contributing to weight gain and disease.


By trading in your old snack foods for these snacks, you’ll get to enjoy snack time while you elevate your mood, energy, and blood chemistry. What’s up now, Doc?



FROM: The Fresh Energy Cookbook: Detox Recipes to Supercharge Your Life by Natalia Rose and Doris Choi