Baby comes into life but winds up in culture/the world. Baby gets entrained by culture. Culture is antithetical to life. Baby’s vibe gets displaced by the culture’s/world’s vibe. Baby cries (and cries and cries). Baby grows into entrained child and indoctrinated young adult, filled to the brim physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally with rubbish, false belief systems and general trash. Said remarkably created person is conditioned into trashing themselves via all these fields. Said person connects the dots. Said person self determinedly elects to un-trash the self and retrieve the gold that was degraded to lead. Said person defies the pressure associated with this path of un-trashing the self. Said person succeeds. Said person discovers a far better way to live – finds the vestiges of life that were hidden amongst the illusions of the ‘world.’ Said person is not understood by most – is often dismissed and even ridiculed and relegated to the category of the ‘misguided.’ Said person takes no thought of it. Said person has no need to be seen, validated understood or even liked. Said person breathes in the pure Grace, rich with gratitude for every sovereign breath. Said person will share it all with any genuine seeker but will remain elusive to all others, not spilling a drop of her/his exquisite elixir. When you have had enough of the error/folly/self-wasting, the return to your gold awaits you.

– Natalia Rose