“The redeemed person is the person who outgrows the limitation that he has placed on his own life.”– Manly P. Hall


Swimming with Crocodiles


So, when you (or Supreme Will) decide it is time, there will be a shift away from something that doesn’t fit. Something that does fit will step in to replace it but you might not see that right away, making it very difficult to accept what is happening. It takes enormous courage to proceed under these circumstances. I call this “Swimming with the crocodiles.”


The Ancient Egyptians


The ancient Egyptians used to test their Initiates by making them swim in muddy, crocodile-infested waters. The crocodiles represented the Initiate’s deepest fear – the fear of death. If they could restrain their emotions and just swim without fear, they would pass on to the next level. What’s more, if they could sustain a level of calm and focus without the frequency of fear reverberating through them, the crocodiles would themselves be harmless to the Initiates.


Absolute Vulnerability


This is precisely what we must do when we make the transition and take off what no longer fits. When we take off the old, too-tight clothes there will be a moment when we are buck naked. This is our willingness to be absolutely vulnerable to the Supreme Intelligence and demonstrate our trust in the process. This is not for the faint of heart. Will the new, more fitting clothes appear? There is only one way to find out.


Illusion of Light vs True Light


Oh, yes: when the Initiates dive into the dark waters there will appear a light, a sense of an opening. But it’s a trap. Those who swim for that ‘early light’ quickly realize it is an illusion of freedom and safety. The wise Initiate identifies that illusory light immediately as being a trap — the path of least resistance — and proceeds into the darkness, knowing his/her only escape will be through the dark, not by avoiding it. Those that follow the shallow, early light meet their demise. Those who are willing to dive deeper to find the true light, the true openings are more apt to survive. Every heartbeat along the way will determine the outcome.




It is not unlike the journey we make through the birth canal. A true initiation is like a second birth. And as we live and embrace change that suits our expansion, we surely have many initiations, many re-births. Outgrowing your previously held limitations is the most natural thing in the world if you are truly alive!


in loving service,