1. Do the best you can in the situation you are in.


You may have to compromise; just make the highest choice for yourself you can under the circumstances. If you can’t get juice one day, have a salad instead.


If you can’t get a good salad, eat the cleanest cooked vegetables you can get. If the choice is white rice or fish, have the fish. If the choice is steak or a baked potato, have the potato (even topped with a little butter).


Eat mindfully, even if it’s not perfect, and resist the urge to overeat and throw all your hard work away. One “off” meal here and there, surrounded by deep greens juiced and chewed, will still bring tremendous results.


  1. As soon as you are able, douse your systems with wheatgrass juice and sprouts and you will neutralize your compromises.


Keep moving forward. Don’t look back and dwell in any way on the adjustments you had to make.


Be proud of yourself for navigating it as well as you did under the circumstances.


  1. Travel with as much as you can to ensure you won’t have too many of these compromised days.


Take frozen wheatgrass, frozen juices and dehydrated seaweed salads you can reconstitute.

Do some recon work beforehand to find organic markets for produce once you get where you are going.


I always ask hotels to put a refrigerator in my room so I can fill it with my produce goodies!


FROM: The Packaged Extremely Green Detox, Course from the Natalia Rose Institute