I completely knocked this off from Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef but omitted the vodka and substituted sherry vinegar for lemon. Puree everything but the beetroot and place contents in a muslin cheesecloth and suspend over a bowl; you can make it into a beggar’s purse and criss cross chopsticks to keep it elevated… or just put contents in a fine sieve over a bowl. Place the beet slice in the bowl. Refrigerate overnight, serve chilled and garnish with fresh basil leaf.

• 4 lb vine ripe or plum tomatoes, coarsely chopped

• 1/2 cup fresh basil

• 2 tbs freshly grated horseradish

• 2 garlic cloves minced sea salt/pepper to taste

• juice of one lemon

• 1/4 inch slice of raw beet (to add color to soup)