Grill with the Skins Grilling vegetables with skins on is another great way to grill using the vegetable skin as a buffer. Just remove skins and the vegetables will be infused with the smokiness of the grill.


Roasted Eggplant Dip with Zucchini Rounds

Roast whole eggplants on grill, turning at intervals till the entire eggplant collapses. Remove skins and chop coarsely. Add 2 tablespoons tahini, chopped parsley, 2/3 minced garlic cloves, juice of a lemon, teaspoon of paprika and cumin, s/p. Serve with sliced zucchini circles.

Roasted Bell Pepper, Poblanos and Jalapenos

Roast whole till skin is charred. Remove skins before use. See recipes for use.


Grilled Corn

Grill corn on the cob with a layer of husk attached. This keeps the corn from getting charred and it intensifies the smoky flavor at the same time. Serve as is or make a herb butter if desired by chopping herbs into butter at room temperature. Remove husks before serving.


Grilled Corn & Poblano Salad

Remove corn from the cob, chop up roasted poblano peppers, add chopped scallions, lime, s/p


Grilled Vegetable Terrine

I love vegetable terrines but normally they are layers and layers of vegetables that have been marinated and oozing with olive oil. To remedy this, cut your vegetables into ¼ inch slices lengthwise, wipe dry and place directly on grill. Grill for a few minutes per side. A fresh herb pesto can be added between the layers of the smoky vegetables afterwards.

• 1 large eggplant cut ¼ lengthwise

• 4 roasted red, yellow or orange bell peppers, sliced

• 2 yellow squash cut ¼ lengthwise

• 1 tinfoil packet of cherry tomatoes (see recipe above)

• 2 zucchini cut ¼ lengthwise

• Herb pesto

• 1 handful spinach or arugula

• ½ med zucchini coarsely chopped

• 1 handful basil

• 2/3 garlic cloves, juice of a lemon

Throw in blender but keep it slightly chunky.

Use a glass baking pan so you can see each layer of vegetables. Start with the vegetables listed in order, adding a thin layer of pesto per vegetable topping. Press down lightly to mold the terrine. Garnish with fresh basil.


Grilled Portobello with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Remove stems from Portobello mushroom and make a marinade with 2 tablespoons nama shoyu, 2 minced garlic, thyme leaves, drizzle of olive oil. Divide marinade evenly on stem side of mushroom. Grill mushrooms on low heat but do not flip. Allow marinade to seep in and don’t let the juices flow. Remove from heat when still bit firm but spongier. Let sit before adding sauce. Garnish with roasted red pepper slices.


Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

• 2 roasted red pepper

• ½ avocado

• Handful chopped parsley

• Few thyme sprigs

• 1 garlic

• 1 juice of a lemon

Blend in food processor till smooth. Makes 4.