Viruses are entities. Entities seek a host in which to feed and proliferate. One must take responsibility if one has lived a life of indulgence, ignorance and distraction, during which time one let one’s whole scale integrity slip and become an easy host for a rogue pathogen.


You know, people used to chide me for my choice of lifestyle — dismiss me for striving to keep my internal terrain clean with green juices, colonics, dry fasting, etc. But it’s because of how I’ve lived that I can be fearless in such times as these. I speak now for all my compatriots, who have contended with so much bullying by the main stream lifestyle, who have been rather tormented by people closest to them who would deride their choice to live a clean-celled lifestyle and really make it difficult for them! Those who did not capitulate to the pressure to consume like everyone else but to seek a life of sovereignty on every level are looking pretty smart right now. They were busy about protecting that which was most valuable and precious — their vital force.


You see, until now, super high levels of health have been foolishly undervalued. That has certainly changed now. And it is not too late to get utterly serious about remediating your being in toto. I am here to help with that however I can. But there is more…our physical, mental and emotional vitality are one thing…but there is another thing that is even more important even than this…stay tuned, I will write on it next…it’s initials are S.F.


in loving service,