After one of my friends posted asking me to share what “deep-tissue cleansing” is, I realized that outside my circle of students and readers, the term might actually need some explanation. Since it is something I’ve been inexorably connected with for the better part of two decades and because all of my health and inspirational quotes are emanations of a life of deep-tissue cleansing, I just kind of assumed that my buddies know what it is. But as that is clearly not the case, let me enthusiastically share the magical core concept of my life’s work with you. “Deep tissue cleansing” or “deep-cell cleansing” as I also often refer to it means: the removal of all the rubbish that has been stored in the cells, tissues and organs of the body accumulating and breeding pathogens and noxious gases.

People often mistake my work for an interest in health foods. That’s not the case. Food is the subject I’m least interested in – it’s just that you can’t tissue cleanse without the right food strategy. In fact, my own mother even thinks I’m interested in the topic of food and consistently sends me articles about food research (as so many people do). Food couldn’t interest me less. Research studies about food couldn’t interest me less. Deep cell and tissue cleansing is something altogether different to diet talk! Deep tissue cleansing is the event that regenerates the body, redeems it to its powerful design, makes all research inapplicable to you, makes the sun your friend and eradicates the external needs and addictions. It makes you sort of a different kind of person physiologically (and also, spiritually, emotionally and mentally – not to say superior at all, just wired differently because the internal rubbish is gone so your biochemistry is in fact, different).

All of my books and the Natalia Rose Institute revolve around the concept of deep-cell and tissue cleansing. In them I teach how to efficaciously bring about this event in your body, how all aspects of your being respond to this physical event, how to then cleanse your emotional and mental aspects with the same logic.

The mechanics of deep tissue cleansing are simple, enlightening (literally and figuratively) and entirely innovative! Herewith, in short: Anything that is not an organically grown, water-containing plant substance is not designed for your body and therefore cannot be fully metabolised and eliminated by the body (this is how we know it is not designed for it, if you were wondering). Such things are acidic to varying degrees and therefore positively ionically charged. Positively ionically charged substances will magnetically adhere to your healthy internal tissue which is negatively ionically-charged (suffocating it). The substances then stick and cook into your cells/tissues (at 87.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The lack of water in the substance ingested means that it also causes the cells and tissues that it is congesting to dry up (using the stores of water in the body that cannot be replaced by drinking water so long as the waste remains in the tissue) making that tissue lose it’s kinetic energy (basically rendering it energetically dormant – which is why most people suffer from a kind of large scale fatigue). This accumulation is massive over years of eating non-water containing foods day in and day out but will begin to be experienced early in life on the modern diet. To add hectic insult to injury, the accumulation doesn’t just sit there innocuously – it rots. It decomposes and in the rot develops all manner of pathogens. These pathogens make babies and the families of pathogens eat – so they also release excrement. Ick, I know! And most people don’t know this is the reason for ageing and degeneration. They just think it’s par for the course of life. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The ‘good news of tissue cleansing’ is that we can remove all the accumulation and the pathogens by hydrating and magnetizing the waste up and out of the cells and tissues bringing back the space and kinetic energy in the body. This should lend a great deal of light now to all my posts for those of you who were not aware that tissue cleansing (not food and diet per se) is what my work is all about. This is why green juice, colonics and making green-centric foods delicious is spotlighted — as a means for deep cell & tissue cleansing.

If you’re interested to know more, I’ve written NINE books on the subject and there are enough writings, audios, videos, courses and cleanses through the Natalia Rose Institute to keep you informed, inspired and motivated for life. So that’s “deep-tissue cleansing” in brief. It’s amazing and it changes the whole equation for all of us!!!