What is Physical Excellence? It’s far more than athletic prowess (tho that is certainly a natural benefit of it). It is waaaay more than superficial, cosmetic appeal (however, that too is another pleasant benefit thereof!).
Physical Excellence is the state of the body operating in perfect & exalted flow: cells, tissues, organs, systems all conducting the Infinite Intelligence, the Force from the Source, the substance of Primal Power.
Physical Excellence is the state in which sensations of enormous clarity run through the body in a visceral, undeniable connection with Divine power. You feel like you are soaring!
The idea of a single unpleasant symptom, let alone a disease is too remote a concept for such a person embodying Physical Excellence to ever expect in him/herself.
Everyone can live like that – in ultimate Physical Excellence. It is only the exception (it we see it at all) because the culture we were raised up in taught us to stuff ourselves up with garbage which would unwittingly remain inside of us causing us to rot so we would be weak.
Come, let’s reverse the error & radiate Physical Excellence instead! It’s closer at hand than you might think. ❤️Natalia Rose