What My Clients Say..

The inspiration and work of Natalia Rose has been a beacon of light since I discovered her about 20 years ago. And no matter where my health journey leads me, I find myself consistently returning to the life-giving simplicity of this work.

Whether it be about the best-kept secrets of intelligent cleansing, colon hydrotherapy, or underlying roots of emotional issues, her programs, books, and support has made a huge impact.

Being a wellness coach and yoga instructor myself, I have always found her work to align with the deepest truths of nature, and pinpoint the core essence of whatever health issue is at hand.

If you’re a truth-seeker, and you’re looking for a life-giving approach to health, look no further. You will be amazed at how your body responds to the principles and truths she brings to light through this work.

Anna King

True Purification and Pure Truth

There is a place inside us that knows.  This place inside is met, seen and heard by Natalia’s pure teachings.

Our own self-healing ability is awakened  and pure source connection is cultivated.

When I first crossed paths with Natalia 14 years ago, it was out of my green centered interest. Having just completed the 3 month health educator training from Hippocrates, my curiosity took me by the hand.  I wanted to dive deeper.  I studied.  I sought.  I found.  Natalia and her Life Force Energy.

Natalia’s approach strikes a special chord with me – not only her approach to nutrition, but to Life itself.  She has shown me the importance of maintaining clean cells and a healthy intestine (thank you Enlightener, you are truly a game changer).

To me, she exemplifies how “food” (physically, emotionally and spiritually) can rekindle our spark of Life, our own Life Force Energy. And this is an important step in achieving inner clarity which is a fundamental step to reclaiming youthfulness.  The old, inherited programs have been undermining us in every way.  Hearing the Truth spoken by Natalia so clearly,  prepares for the journey of recovery. The journey back to sovereignty. To The Exalted Life.

When looking for a teacher, a mentor – take a closer look. Do they embody their teachings?

Natalia does in every way.  She radiates: purity, sweetness, knowingness.

I have been so fortunate to participate personally in her courses in New York as well as in  Cape Town, as well as numerous over Zoom. Each new meeting has been an eye-opener and has had life changing effects.

I am a 74 year young grandmother.  Full of curiosity, interest in Life and with lots of energy.  Yes, I do have wrinkles, from a life fully lived, but I feel alive and grateful each day.

Natalia’s teachings of detoxification of body, mind and soul has a huge impact on my Life.  I am striving to stay young while growing older by following Nature’s Way, not searching outside myself for the fountain of Youth – following Natalia’s beautiful teachings, I know, I feel it flows within me.

Annie von der Heide

Health Educator, Meditation Teacher, Writer, Mother and Grandmother

To say Natalia Rose’s work has completely transformed me would be an understatement!

Before I discovered NRI, I was 60 lbs overweight, suffering with PCOS and insulin resistance, and chronically depressed.

I must have tried every diet plan out there, but nothing worked. I was desperate.

Thankfully, I stumbled across Natalia’s first book, “The Raw Food Detox Diet”. I followed the plan to a T, and within a few months I felt like a completely different person physically, mentally and emotionally.

Over the years, I’ve continued to be a dedicated student, and Natalia’s work just keeps getting better!

Thank you so much for everything…from the bottom of my heart!

Kara Reagan

I have spent a decade on health and weight loss efforts only for the weight to slowly creep on until using Natalia’s products and teachings. With her recommended diet and using the Enlightener I’ve been able to finally lose the weight. I weigh less now than I did in high school and have had the tests done to show I’m even healthier!

If you’re on the fence at all, just get the Enlightener now. You absolutely will not regret it!

Natalia is my go-to expert for all things women’s health!! She will always have a wholistic approach for you and goes out of her way to be available. She genuinely cares about your health & well-being.

Stephanie Wilson

The Goodness of God brought Natalia into my life 11 years ago.

I have read her “detox 4 Women” book – listened to her on multiple occasions and recently been able to speak with her one-on-one.  She is honest and a genuinely lives life helping others live as well. Her path has and will continue to be a key to me overcoming addiction. Grateful for her and her work!

Shannon Jones

Exalted Life series: Awesome!! Thank you soooo much, Natalia!!!

This course is absolutely brilliant, a clear and doable map to setting ourselves free. It is the best strategy on the planet I believe. I have looked into so many ways people try to accomplish this goal but yours resonates most by far. You really have such a gift of teaching with such clarity and depth, weaving all the different pearls of wisdom together which I think is really special, brilliant and worth gold especially in these trying times.

Birgit Juen

Natalia has been a lifeline and one of the biggest inspirations to me not only for health but as an incredible role model. She is a game changer in the world of health and has been instrumental in helping me heal. Thanks to her wisdom and support I was able to completely eliminate ovarian cysts, reverse hypothyroidism and balance my hormones. She is above and beyond with her clients and so evidently cares about our wellbeing.

I am beyond grateful for her and all the love and support she has provided me through such a difficult time. I cannot recommend her enough. I have been referring back to her books for 10 years now and the Enlightener is the best thing I have ever invested in. If you want to thrive and feel your best Natalia is exactly who you should work with.

Rachelle Wintzen

Why do I owe Natalia my life?

Her teachings empowered me to integrate simple healing tools into my life which are safe and effective – no matter what physical healing needs to take place in my life. Her natural detox tools enhanced healing on whatever level I needed it.

Has her method restored my health completely?

Yes and No. Yes, it has restored my health over the years to a point of intrinsic balance and joy. No, health is an ongoing process. It is not static. As life changes and stresses come up I still deal with health challenges but I feel safe on how to deal with them and have a grounded understanding of practical healing and self-responsibility.

What is so different with Natalia?

Her approach is based on the deep ancient foundations of nature and the latest cleansing tools to deal with our toxic environment. Combined I found a simple, practical approach which I can integrate into my life. And she as a teacher is clear, authentic and dedicated. And for me the most important part – she has a spiritual foundation – this work is about helping to integrate mind, body and soul. It is not about calorie counting or restrictions – but a path of learning how to align your body to health and discover how emotions and our spiritual connectivity play a major part on our health journey.

Is this the best method on earth?

At this time and age. Yes! Simply because we have poisoned every living system on our sacred planet. The air with toxic dust which reduced oxygen availability over cities up to 20 per cent, the water with endless and needless chemicals from chemical soaps to industrial fluoride waste, the earth with glyphosate and genetic engineering and fire symbolised by toxic lighting to toxic microwave radiation from 5G. Her system allows cleansing on a cellular level. It literally feels like bringing light, air and luminous healing powers into your body. This is the best foundation I could have ever found.

Personally, I feel TCM is probably the most advanced healing system. However, will it work without first cleansing the body? Yes and no – only in a limited way. And more importantly, can I integrate it into my life without considerable cost, dependency on TCM practitioners? No.

Yet, Natalia’s simple principles – work and show results even in the busiest lifestyle.

From the depth of my heart – thank you for your work, your incredible heart and dedication.


I discovered Natalia’s books when I was very symptomatic and on a cooked whole foods diet. Natalia introduced me to eating to optimize digestion with juicing, food combining, and eating light to heavy. This alone changed things for me. When I finally got my first gravity colonic, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt. Weak digestion and my severe seasonal allergies that required several medications quickly became a thing of the past.

At this point I’ve been into deep tissue cleansing for thirteen years, but I wouldn’t have been able to stay the course without Natalia’s online courses and especially her home colonic device, the Enlightener. A cleansing lifestyle doesn’t work for me without this device. I used a gravity system for many years, but I find the Enlightener to be much more effective! Plus, it’s such a relief to know that no matter where I am I can manage to find a way to deeply cleanse because of the compact design. I can’t recommend this device enough for experienced cleansers!

What ties this all together for me is the support I get through Natalia’s classes and mentorship. I attended Natalia’s in-person seminars many years ago in New York and meeting her and continuing to get to know her over the past decade has been such a testimony to this lifestyle; not only is she beautiful and youthful, she is one of the most kind and compassionate people I have ever met in my life.

Natalia puts her heart and soul into the content she creates, and she guides you in a way that truly honors where you’re at and where you can go. She has a gift for seeing your potential even when you can’t see it. You can trust that when Natalia is your guide, you are going someplace spectacular!

Marlena Torres

Natalia is a guiding light! She’s the embodiment of grace and wisdom and her ability to illuminate greater physical, mental and emotional health in others is truly remarkable.

Her passion, guidance and teachings can help you at any stage of your evolution into greater well being. I started with some basics around nutrition, green juicing and cleansing. Twenty years later Natalia has sparked my inner journey of integrity and awareness around what I consume mentally and emotionally too, helping me to make more conscious choices and heal more deeply.

Her story and journey are inspirations that have helped me reach new heights on all levels. The only limit is how far you want to go into your own power. I can’t recommend her books, teachings and programs enough. She’s the light we’re all looking for and we need these truths in our lives now more than ever! She’s holding the space for you to feel more fully alive, free and joyous! Take the step and you’ll see for yourself.

Laura M

I found Natalia’s work about 15 years ago when I was suffering from a stomach ulcer caused largely by stress. Ironically, I was working at a health food store and a woman that was much older who was always beaming with radiant health suggested that I read The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose.

I slowly but surely began to adhere to Natalia’s advice of food combining and colonics. My stomach ulcer healed and to this day I have never had another one. Through the years I have taken every course with Natalia that I’ve been able to and I continue to use the Enlightener.

The miracles in my life and health continue. The Enlightener is a tool that has been so extremely convenient as I’m able to use it anytime I need to.

I absolutely love that Natalia’s information is simple and doesn’t leave you searching or wasting time with the next diet fad. I always feel light and clear headed, and I’m still amazed that I feel better in my forties than I did in my twenties. Living this lifestyle has truly helped me see and live accordingly to healthy priorities and the best part of this is that I’ve never doubted the choices I’ve made for my children and their health. Natalia’s work has been priceless!

Heather Abraham

After a number of years of exploring the cleansing literature and lifestyle, experimenting to find what did and didn’t work for me, I discovered Natalia’s work.  Having studied so many books on nutrition and health, I immediately knew this was something different.  It encapsulated all the elements I had found to be effective – juicing, colon cleansing, food combining, the raw food component and avoiding absolutes such as 100% raw or vegan – whilst introducing other concepts to make the cleansing lifestyle more sustainable, such as the importance of transition and the use of certain cooked and less-cleansing foods to make it more simple, workable – and fun!  In an ever more toxic world, Natalia’s teachings offer an alternative way to live and age.

So many of the great health books I had read were written in the early twentieth century and often by men.  Here was a book written by a glamorous young woman – a wife and mother with a busy modern life and a successful nutritional practice in New York City – who was living proof of the lifestyle she was teaching. She is someone who has walked this path and figured things out for herself and then dedicated her life to sharing what she’s learned for the benefit of others.  Her guidance proved critical for me in detoxifying ready for my marriage and motherhood and, although my cleansing path hasn’t always been straight,  I can say without hesitation that my family and I are all healthier for following her guidance.  In particular, having her Enlightener at home has been a game changer for me.

I’ve followed Natalia’s work for fifteen years now and, as trends and fads have come and gone, she has remained consistent because she is teaching fundamental natural laws and truth that don’t change.  For me, finding her work is like finding the True North, nutritionally-speaking, so that however far I occasionally stray, I can always maintain the core basics and, when ready, fully commit back to the lifestyle so I’ll never fall too far.

Fiona White

Natalia has been a mentor turned sister for many years, and what I can say without hesitation is that she has been an unwavering support and so generous with her wisdom sharing and guidance since the day I met her.

A debilitating back injury brought me to her work initially, but it’s the deeper process she’s always supported of peeling back layers of programming and unlearning that has been the most potent medicine to guide me home to myself and to the truths of our beautiful, natural world.

I cannot say enough about the work you can do with her. There simply aren’t sufficient words to articulate it’s potential impact on self, community and the world at large. You will have to see for yourself!

Joanna Novick

To say that Natalia is a genius is an understatement. Her work is light years ahead of the mainstream. She is leading the charge in the realm of health, wellness, and the spirituality that inevitably breaks free when the body is liberated.
Natalia provides the necessary knowledge to take the steps to completely free yourself from searching for a solution to the many woes accrued from living a ‘normal’ lifestyle.

It requires self discipline to benefit from this work, but as someone who is now 12 years on the path, I can guarantee without any shade of doubt that this is all you will ever need to achieve your dream of wellness.

I could go on and on, but I’ll conclude by saying that Natalia genuinely cares about the evolution of people and the planet, and by joining this work, you will become the force in your life, and the world, you always dreamt you could be.

Britt Nohra

For many years I struggled to heal chronic stress, and digestive issues. I continually combed the latest literary offerings at bookshops searching, and searching… One day, while perusing the tomes, I lost my footing, stumbled a bit, knocked into a shelf and dislodged a copy of The Raw Food Detox Diet. Intrigued, I began to read Natalia’s prose. I immediately felt that I was in the presence of a sage wise beyond her years, and friend, who understood my woes and who knew how to tackle my health issues.

It impressed me greatly that Natalia clearly possessed so much wisdom but distilled it so that there was a place and pace for anyone to be able to comfortably practice the dietary protocols. I gradually improved my dietetics, and with each day that passed, a most foreign sensation began to take hold of my being: wellness! I furthered my study through the PhDetox program, and the sense of physical vibrancy that I began to experience on a daily basis was nothing short of revelatory.

Finally, I felt ready to embrace Natalia’s cleansing protocols, and Natalia recommended a wonderful colonic therapist. Much as I love my therapist, I needed to travel two hours each way to visit him. I wanted to enjoy the benefits of cleansing more regularly. Natalia once again, had the solution, the Enlightener. Cleansing was now possible whenever needed and desired, enabling even greater levels of well-being.

As my body cleansed, I finally felt ready to deal with the emotional debris that cluttered my system. Natalia’s courses, particularly: The VaultHoliday of Power, and The Greatest Cleanse programs particularly helped me to take control of the non- productive thoughts and memories that were occupying much of my mental space. Natalia structures these programs so that you can interact with her and with your fellow classmates as desired, and the sense of community was such a comfort particularly when addressing these issues.

This freedom found through the application of all of the above practices enabled me to successfully complete Natalia’s Ten-Day Juice Fast. If anyone had ever told me that I could tackle this, succeed, and actually enjoy the process, I would have laughed in utter disbelief, yet there I was doing just that!

My journey with Natalia began in my thirties, and now in my fifties, I feel far better than I did in my younger years. I know that I would not have realized my dreams of good health and emotional contentment without Natalia’s wisdom and guidance.

There are no adequate words that can fully express my gratitude to Natalia. I have yet to meet anyone so selflessly devoted to sharing such an invaluable compendium of knowledge with all who seek whole being wellness. Natalia possesses that rare combination of immense intelligence balanced with boundless empathy. Her kindness is unequalled. I look forward to continuing the journey and the learning. Forever grateful I am to you, dearest Natalia.

Margaret Kamins