When to Re-Introduce Fruit (April 24, 2011)


I have been following the Detox4Women program for some time. I want to know if it’s okay to add more fruit back into my lifestyle. How do you know that you can safely have fruit?



Thank you for your question. Addressing fruit feels very timely as summer finally starts to show her face. When it is warm it feels more natural to eat lighter foods.

Fruit is the highest vibration, fastest moving, and most alkaline food that we can put into the human body. It is difficult in the beginning stages of detoxification because it is so alkaline and fast moving that it awakens toxins faster than we can release them, and because it is so high in natural sugars that it feeds existing yeast and fungal growth in the system.

Here is a guide to understanding if your cleansed body is ready for fruit:

•*Warning: A yeasted woman who still has significant weight to loose should not try fruit yet. She should stick to the low-starch and sugar Detox4Women approach. Fruit is also not for cancer patients, and some fruit (especially grapefruit) interferes with certain medications, so make sure you know what you are allowed to eat if you are still taking pharmaceuticals.

You know fruit is safe when you try a fruit-based meal or snack and…

1. You eliminate within 14 hours of your fruit meal. The bowel movement should be easy and plentiful. Fruit will only work in a system with a clear elementary canal.

2. The fruit elevates you rather than bringing you down. You should feel joyous and energized, not angry, sad or tired.

3. You have no adverse reaction to the fruit. This includes headaches, skin rashes or breakouts, and a feeling of bloating and queasiness instead of just full.

4. The fruit-only meal feels complete and satisfying. It should not feel like a fast, and if you find yourself craving more density (like fish or goat cheese, or a pile of cooked veggies) you are not ready for fruit meals.

How to eat fruit:

1. Fruit should always be eaten alone or in the company of raw leafy greens and on an empty stomach.

2. The placement in the day of a fruit meal or snack is very important. It should come before any other foods, so enjoy it as a mid-morning snack, a lunch if you juice until lunch, or a dinner if you juice until dinner. It should also only be consumed in the presence of colonics, and is best eaten no more than 1-2 days before a colonic treatment.

3. Fruit can work for you for several days in a row, and then begin to create an adverse reaction. Never eat it for more than 1-3 days in a row, and pay careful attention to your body (adhering to the guide above).

4. Ease into eating fruit again by starting with meals of winter fruit (apples, pears, bananas, and grapefruit) or making sure to eat your fruit in the company of raw leafy greens (like an avocado-banana-spinach salad, or a green smoothie).

If you are not able to do fruit yet, you can satisfy your palate with big juicy salads. Greens with plenty of lemon juice and stevia, covered with hunks of cucumber, tomato, and avocado will give you the water-containing alkalinity you crave.

Remember, in the cleansing game there is no race to the finish line (and no finish line!). You will have your fruit in time, so relax into the lifestyle at the level you need to be eating and love the meals that are safe and helpful for you NOW. Then when you think you are ready, try moving forward a step. If it makes you feel worse instead of better, scared instead of excited, or isolated instead of included, stay where you are! Slow and steady is the most effective means to your best self.