“Matter is like a small ripple on this tremendous ocean of energy, having some relative stability and being manifest…And in fact beyond that ocean may be still a bigger ocean…the ultimate source is immeasurable and cannot be captured within our knowledge.” —David Bohm

Our body is a living community of cells. Each cell within our body contains all the systems and characteristics of the whole: a digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, and so forth. We can conceive of our cells as a microcosmic reflection of ourselves. We can look at a single cell and better understand ourselves, just as we have better understood our world by looking deeply into its subatomic structures. The most microcosmic structures hold the imprint of the macrocosm.

How we treat one cell is how we treat every cell. If we feed our bodies unnatural, toxic substances, it will affect our moods, our work, and our daily existence in general. Likewise, in the reverse, if we invite stress and violence in our lives, it will affect our perception, our sleep, our digestion, and our physical state.

When we dismiss people, judge them harshly or act in hurtful ways, we suffer in our inner life, develop cancers or fail to achieve our dreams. Every little thing we do affects our whole being. When we eat poorly, it will manifest in our inner and outer lives. When we ingest fresh vegetable juice, reflect on nature, speak kindly and cherish the divinity in ourselves and our fellow man, every aspect of our lives will reflect that. I call this “the ripple effect.”

Thus, your body, which is a community of cells, naturally reflects the state of those cells. If there is harmony or disruption in the smaller community, there will be harmony or disruption throughout the whole. Like a rock tossed onto a body of water, everything that enters their body ripples through it, affecting every system, organ, and ultimately every cell. We are, after all, made mostly of water, and as bodies of water we conduct everything that enters our system.

Everything runs along the rippling stream of light energy. Our lives operate within it and it operates with in us. May you contemplate how every choice you make ripples throughout your whole body and your whole life. May you ripple with joy!