The True Measure of Health Food: Deep Tissue Cleansing

For those of you who are still confused about what actually constitutes a “health food,” let me clear the air: if a substance contributes to the removal of the accumulated waste in the body, either by awakening it or by helping it move through the eliminative channels—in a process called Deep Tissue Cleansing—it has a place in a cleansing diet. If not, it cannot rightfully be called a “health food.”

Deep Tissue Cleansing happens through the eliminative organs, predominantly the bowel, followed by the skin, lungs, kidneys and lymph, with support from the liver and spleen. Check out <a href=”/blog-detail.php?ID=23”>my post of 10/14/07</a> to learn how waste accumulation saturates the cells and tissues throughout the body.

Many people believe they are cleansing when they simply undertake a raw food diet or a fast, or use an herbal “cleanse” product. However, it is only through the copious release of old waste through the colon (while other eliminative organs play a supporting role) that meaningful cleansing occurs.

Deep Tissue Cleansing is the only cleansing that is profound enough to impact biochemical improvements in our bodies. Understanding this is the key to determining which foods have a rightful place in a cleansing diet-lifestyle. However, keep in mind that there’s a distinct hierarchy even within this group of foods.

Substances that support Deep Tissue Cleansing can be broken down into three categories:

1. Those which are truly health-generating (alkaline)<br /> 2. Those which are neutral<br /> 3. Those which keep us sane as we cleanse (mildly acidic) Caution: Do not confuse foods in this third category with health foods. It’s best to regard them as “safe poisons.” See below for more details.

Let’s look at each category one at a time:

1. The true health generators are only vegetable juices, raw vegetables, and fresh, raw, ripe fruit (avocados and young coconuts are high on the list). These are the only substances that are truly alkaline, contributing life force and cleanliness to the blood and fully exiting the body, leaving no accumulation behind. Health generators are also the effective “awakeners” in a cleanse because their alkaline charge literally magnetizes the acid-waste matter in our otherwise alkaline bodies, creating the potential for that waste to exit the body.

One caveat here, particularly for women, is fruit. Fruit is the cleanest food for the human body, and the highest vibration food on the planet. However, if you combine high quantities of accumulated acid waste with the estrogenic nature of your biochemistry, which makes you more inclined to proliferate yeast, beware of feeding that yeast with sugars—including fruit sugars. I strongly urge women to consume only small amounts of low-sugar fruits, such as lemons (which you may use liberally), grapefruits, green apples, and berries, until the system is cleaner and less saturated with yeast. Focus more on the raw vegetable juices and raw vegetables for your source of alkaline, waste-awakening foods. I explain this in greater detail in my new book, Detox for Women (available May ’09).

2. Next are the neutral foods. These are not health generators, but they won’t to stick in the body or hold back the cleanse either. They help to fill you up, leave the body easily, and facilitate the transition to this lifestyle. Neutral foods are all the cooked vegetables (from spinach to yams and everything in between) and the following few grains: millet, quinoa, and buckwheat. Cooked vegetables are of a higher vibration than nuts and seeds and therefore should not be shunned as they typically are in raw food circles. One of the biggest mistakes that raw foodists make is to focus their diets around nuts and seeds while vilifying benign cooked vegetables. Cooked vegetables are the helping hand in a long-term cleansing diet.

Personally, I’m not a fan of grains in general, but those who wish to include them can still be successful with millet, quinoa, and buckwheat. Women should stick to these three grains as they are less likely to feed yeast. Men and some women (especially beginners coming off the mainstream diet) can enjoy other whole grains, such as the sprouted grain bread products, spelt, kamut, and products like spelt pasta. However, millet is the only truly neutral, non-gluey grain, followed by quinoa and buckwheat. All others would fall into the third category…

3. Foods that keep us sane as we cleanse. These are the less offensive low-vibration foods that offer an emotional and social crutch as you embark on the cleansing lifestyle while still struggling with addictions to low-vibration, stimulating substances. For example, if you are addicted to bagels and burgers, you will need a bit of acidic food to ease the transition without bringing the cleanse to a halt. As you focus on a diet of raw juices and salads, the true health foods, you might include some acidic items from this third category for some fun and familiarity. Such foods include raw goat cheese (some pasteurized goat cheese is okay when you can’t get raw), high quality fish (admittedly hard to come by, now that our waterways are so polluted), sprouted grain breads and whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, and dark chocolate.

Note: I find that non-vegan items such as the raw goat cheese and fish actually leave the body much more easily than the celebrated raw nuts, seeds and grains, which are extremely dense and should be consumed with caution. They tend to be overeaten and sit like dead weight in the body. Further, they are often mis-combined—such as when eaten with avocados or raw grains or followed by fresh fruit—which is not healthy or cleansing. As you transition and require these third category foods less (though you may never let them go altogether), try to eat them in the evening. Drink lots of raw vegetable juice and pure water (distilled is best, as the vegetable juice will ensure good mineral balance) in the morning, graduating to raw salads and avocados as the focal point of daytime eating, then a raw salad and any of the cooked food in these latter two categories (per the Quick Exit combination laws in my books) in the evening.

If you hold all health food information up to the light of Deep Tissue Cleansing, you will never again be misled or confused by what is healthy. Always ask yourself: Will this contribute to mobilizing accumulated waste matter out of the cells and tissues of my body or not?

Nuts, seeds, and grains, which are traditionally among the most celebrated foods in the raw lifestyle, are actually the least health-supporting of all the foods mentioned above! Oil and coconut butter are fussy additions that can bring some fun to transition foods, but they are not health-generators. They are dense and clogging and should be used minimally—especially by women. I don’t eat raw chocolates because they sit in the body like a dead weight (again fine for transitioning off Twix and Mars Bars, but far from a Quick Exit health food). When I’m in the mood for high-quality dark chocolate, I prefer the non-raw brands like Rapunzel (my latest favorite), Green & Black, and Dagoba.

Fiber supplements are also frequently recommended in the mainstream diet. This is because the mainstream diet is overwhelmingly comprised of starch, sugar, fats, and protein (for example, bagels, turkey, Velveeta sandwiches, meatloaf or soy-loaf for vegans). A diet devoid of natural fiber makes it necessary to take fiber supplements, but that does not make them healthy. When we eat poorly and then try to patch up what we are missing with supplements, vitamins, gym workouts, and eight glasses of water a day, we will get sick and deteriorate rapidly.

The only way to live well is to fully enter into the circle of truth, where we can drink pure water but don’t need to focus on a particular quantity; where we eat raw vegetable like normal humans instead of taking fiber supplements; where we can stop counting calories, fat grams, and carb grams and forget the contrived concept of consuming three meals a day plus snacks, which is way too much food for the average body to process. In the circle of truth, we wait for our bodies to tell us when we’re hungry, then start with our juice and eat our raw salads when we are hungry for more. We instinctively create salads that taste good and include neutral and non-offensive cooked foods to make the process pleasurable.

All we have to remember is to remove accumulation for cellular cleanliness. We must ensure that the waste being awakened by the alkalinity of the raw juices and vegetables continuously exits the body through bowel cleansing and sweating (ideally infrared saunas and rebounding, or other exercises that you enjoy). The body has no other needs. For those in the circle of truth, the chi flows in blissful currents and health is abundantly obvious. If you are working hard at your health but not feeling this current of life force, you are probably eating too much dense food and not eliminating enough waste. Correct this and see what happens.

Never forget: Deep Tissue Cleansing is the only meaningful kind of cleansing. Let this always be your measuring stick as you make your health food choices.

Keep your sights set on the mountain peak and you will get there. Don’t look down. The truth will set you free, but you must be courageous and dedicated enough to follow that truth all the way to the top—and let me tell you, it’s mighty fine up here!

In loving service, Natalia

The Danger of Social Conditioning: Part Two

In The Danger of Social Conditioning, we discussed how humans are programmable and largely directed by social conditioning. We discussed why it is critical to stop feeding the group consciousness that is endangering us, and how to link up with a higher consciousness for life-generating results.

Now, I would like to discuss the effects of socially conditioned behavior on the programming of our genetic material—specifically, how socially conditioned consumption of unfit substances (mainstream food, drink, drugs, medications, etc.) affects our DNA. Our life experiences are determined by two critical elements: (1) the focus of our consciousness and (2) our DNA coding based on what we consume.

Human DNA is programmable, like a computer system. But the programs are ever-changing based on the messages our DNA receives from our experiences, thoughts, and the substances we consume. If we commit ourselves to certain life-generating disciplines, we can become more powerful, leading us up the evolutionary spiral. We can shift the genetic imprint we were given from an unfavorable trajectory onto a much more favorable one. (We can also program ourselves to do the opposite—to degenerate our mental and emotional balance and physicality.) A few disciplines that can enable us to remove blockages and begin to evolve: Deep Tissue Cleansing through a highly alkaline diet and regular gravity colonics; connecting to our Higher Self; and shedding patterns and canceling programs that don’t serve the Highest Good.

We can evolve your own being tremendously—in this body, in this lifetime. When our hearts are aligned with the Highest Good, when our emotional, physical, and mental bodies are clear, there are no limits to our powers of creation.

Now, let’s start from the beginning and discuss the impact of social conditioning on our DNA and how it affects our offspring. The “programming feature” of our DNA can be our best ally or our worst enemy. It can lift us up to untold greatness, but steeped as it is in the conditioned values of our current diet-lifestyle, it is leading our race and our planet to sure ruin.

Every single one of us is a product not only of what we have programmed into our DNA, but of what our entire lineage has programmed into us throughout the generations. We receive it all. This means that each new generation that springs forth will be weaker than the one that gave birth to it because with each generation the offenses made against the body have become exponentially greater.

For example: Bob was born of Irish-German descent. For generations, his family consumed large quantities of alcohol, flesh products, white bread, and flour. This steady diet of acidic, unfit substances saturated the cells and tissues of his predecessors, degenerating their health, and was passed along in the seed of Bob’s father to Bob himself. Bob’s health is now more compromised than that of his parents when they were born because he has received the accumulated energetic makeup of 20 to 30 years of unfit living. Bob and his wife will continue their social customs with 20 to 30 years of even more unfit consumption, and then will pass along their DNA to their children, who will be the most compromised of all three of these generations. It’s a continuous downward spiral of Inherited Energy.

Inherited Energy determines the constitution of our offspring and is often the origin of birth defects and other infant/childhood imbalances. Emotional and mental disorders are also carried in Inherited Energy like a blueprint of our ancestors’ physical, emotional, and mental lives in the DNA.

The degeneration of Inherited Energy has become exponentially more dramatic in the last 50 years. Prior to that, unfit substances were not nearly as damaging or over-consumed. Meat, raw dairy, potatoes, beer, and sugar are the “Pollyannas” of food compared to the chemically laden, highly refined, ultra-pasteurized packaged goods we started to consume in the last couple generations. These substances cause hormones to misfire and the body’s entire communication network to go haywire. The organs become damaged, the blood filthy, the life force energy blocked—and the DNA reads all of this into the blueprint of the body and its reproductive organs.

Have you noticed that children are becoming sicker and more overweight at a much younger age than ever before? Children are suffering from the socially accepted consumption of their lineage and are manifesting the degeneration of the DNA in their physical, emotional, and mental fields. In other words, unfit consumption is degenerating our species!

We all love our children, but how many of us will make the changes necessary to stop their pain? Children are more overweight today not only because they eat more junk, but because they were born with compromised bodies and are unable to process and metabolize these heinous substances. It’s like sending the weakest warriors into the biggest battle of the war. Babies bear the brunt of the damage their parents have done to their bodies, their organs, and blood chemistry. This is why social conditioning is so dangerous.

We have become a society that expects our government organizations, medical associations, and other authority figures to look out for our health and safety. When we blindly follow convention, gorging on Big Macs, sodas, and other junk foods, we give our power away. As a result, our kids today have to work harder than ever to stay well.

Now, at the risk of offending a lot of people, I will speak the un-PC truth: The many men and women today who are struggling to reproduce are bio-chemically unfit to bear children. Natural selection has determined that it is not in the best interest of the species to reproduce from these couples at this time. Yes, it is painful. But remember, pain is a call for change. Infertility is an alarm bell that society is not heeding, but rather ignoring and suppressing with invasive treatments that defy the body’s wisdom. Infertility is nature’s last call before a complete degeneration of the species. We cannot say we haven’t been duly warned.

My friends, I am not trying to offend you, but I am not here to protect your feelings. My role is to help you to protect your power, your truth, your offspring—in sum, our humanity. If you are struggling to reproduce, try Deep Tissue Cleansing to help make your body a hospitable environment for a baby and to offer your baby cleaner genetic material. Now, you may not be able to clean up entire generations of damage, but in time, if you approach cleansing intelligently by awakening the old waste through alkaline foods and fresh vegetable juices, and release the waste with regular bowel cleansing, you and your future offspring will be much better off. (For more detailed guidance on pregnancy and preparing for pregnancy, listen to my new audio release:

If you still do not get pregnant after Deep Tissue Cleansing, at least you will have dramatically improved the quality of your cells and tissues, and you will be in a better position to weigh your options.

The worst thing we can do is to continue on this trajectory of degenerating genetic material. Birth defects, childhood illnesses, mental illness, and increasing numbers of “normal” illnesses like asthma, learning disabilities, ear infections, and depression are not merely random occurrences, but a reflection of our society’s ills. When we look at our suffering children, let us be honest with ourselves and say, “Here is the mirror of our socially acceptable lifestyle.”

Cleansing is not just about fitting into a size 2 or feeling virile at age 80. We must stand up for truth and step out of the clutches of the conditioned mass consciousness. Sure, we can be peaceful warriors—but warriors we must be! It is time to ruffle some feathers and shake up the status quo. Either we wake up or become extinct.

Our future depends on the DNA we pass along to our offspring. We honor our family line when we care for our DNA. There is no greater homage we can pay to those who came before us and no greater gift we can give to those who will follow than to protect and elevate the health of our genetic material. As our DNA gets the message that more and more of the muck and mire has left our cells, tissues, organs, and blood, it will move us right up along the evolutionary spiral toward the limitless powers that can be ours and our children’s.

I’ll see you on the upward spiral!


Anger and Your Inner Warrior

Anger. Such a loaded word, but how many of us really understand anger? Words like “light” and “love” are trendy among the enlightenment-seekers. Those are wonderful words and, yes, they carry great energy and power. But so does “anger.”

Anger is the desire to protect. It is not some dark, evil emotion that we should shun or quell. Yet anger can be grossly misdirected and expressed. When anger is ignored or suppressed, it percolates and waits for an opportunity to express itself out of its original context.

It is time we give this glorious emotion we call anger the welcome place in our lives it deserves and learn how to use it to make necessary adjustments. (I learned about anger from the great modern mystic, Almine Barton, whose audios and videos I highly recommend). Anger and pain are very similar in that they are both calls for change. For example, an individual might suffer a heart attack and thus decide to change his diet, stop drinking so much, and reduce stress in his life. The level of emergency is equal to the intensity of the pain.

It’s typical in our culture to quiet any initial instance of pain by artificial means, muffling it until it finally bursts forth as an alarm bell—making the need for dramatic change unmistakable. This built-in protection mechanism ensures that, however far off course we go, at some point we will find our way back on track. The only way to avoid great pain, however, is to watch for small signs of imbalance and correct them immediately.

Like pain, anger is an alarm bell that sounds when the wholeness of our being (the microcosmic body or the macrocosmic community) is under threat. Our true essence, which I will refer to as the Soul/Spirit, knows its true origin. Our Soul/Spirit knows it is not a body limited by the confines of the rules and restrictions of modern society.

Our Soul/Spirit’s built-in protective mechanism—its Inner Warrior—will revolt against anything that limits its power and threatens its purity. At the core of our suppressed anger, as individuals and as a community, is the conflict between our powerful Soul/Spirit and the social confines that tie us down. Imagine the fury of limitless beings in a world of limitation. We are like a caged lions!

From infancy, we step right into the trap of these social confines without knowing the consequences. When we are children, even our own parents threaten our inner balance with clear messages that they are the boss and we must not question them. We are told that the adults know best and we must obey them without explanation. In our innocent vulnerability, we are exposed to myriad experiences where our borders go unprotected and we bear the brunt of behaviors that throw us off balance. A child’s cries of anger may not always be audible, but make no mistake, they are there.

This creates the first layer of suppressed anger, which hardly ever gets released because modern psychotherapy overlooks it altogether. Only a healer or counselor who understands our connection to God-consciousness (seeing ourselves as part of the great whole) can help us to connect our anger to our ego-identification (seeing ourselves as a consciousness confined by the body). Thus, the Soul/Spirit’s immediate feelings of limitation are quickly repressed during infancy and childhood, and pushed deep into the subconscious.

When we see ourselves as a body in ego-identification, every decision we make is structured around making ourselves comfortable and protecting our fragile, needy personalities, always looking out for “number one.” These actions only shrink our being. We busy our Inner Warrior with obsessive-compulsive fears that feed imbalance and unhappiness. The Inner Warrior becomes a slave to the little-self, while everything in the outside world perceived to either threaten or bolster it becomes enormously important.

When we spend our lives protecting our fragile egos, following all the things that society tells us we must do in order to keep our egos comfortable, we neglect the truly powerful beings lying dormant within us.

When we experience profound moments of dissatisfaction and frustration in our lives, this is a sign of the Higher Self (or God-consciousness) trying to speak up. This deep inner agitation exhibits symptoms just as physical illness does when the body is out of harmony. Many of us don’t understand these feelings of rage and depression. As a result, we might fall into vicious, addictive cycles of drama in our lives, or simply medicate to numb the feelings. In anger, we are all too quick to cast blame on others, on our lot in life, or on our past choices. Unexamined anger emits endless negativity and casts all kinds of blame. Like pain, however, anger will only intensify until it forces us to see the real threat to our well-being: the mistaken belief that we are small and limited.

There can be no real satisfaction in serving the little self—only addiction to the continuous consumption of external stimulation. Until we stop taking these “drugs” (including self-congratulation, victim-hood, celebrity, superiority, cheap media entertainment, consumption of chemicals in foods, drinks, and medications) and recognize how far from the path of truth we have strayed, the anger will boil. However, we do not need to wait for anger to boil over into tragedy to decide it’s time to reclaim our lives. We can begin to listen to the subtlest signs of our Inner Warriors right now.

At the deepest level anger protects our Highest Self from being forgotten or sidelined, but on the individual level anger arises to protect our wholeness from external threat. When the inner being is balanced, it is at peace. We can lead a physical existence that supports a deeper understanding of life, strong relationships, and abundant creativity.

As individuals, we each have the potential to achieve a divine balance of physical, emotional, and mental wellness in our life. Our Inner Warrior is always watching and ready to protect that balance, but we must nurture it and listen for its signals. If we don’t listen, anger will accumulate in our energy field (just as food substances that cannot be digested accumulate in our bodies) and nest in our cells and tissues, and might eventually manifest in physical illness.

When we know what signals to look for, we can stop getting angry at the drop of a hat over something that is completely unrelated to the root cause of our anger. Instead, we can protect our inner being the moment it is threatened. If we do not express our anger in its true context, that anger will seek other channels of release. The energy must go somewhere. Anger that has traveled far from its origin (where it was created to protect our inner being) and mutated over time is corrupted anger. This kind of anger, when you finally express it, will almost always leave you feeling remorseful, defeated, and confused.

The next time you feel anger, say to yourself, “Wow, I feel my anger rising up right now. My Inner Warrior has been awakened. Who is threatening my borders?” The more sensitive you are to the signals of your Inner Warrior, the more quickly and intelligently you will be able to identify the origin of the offense. The signal might be in your hands, such as when you nervously tap them or your palms start to sweat. Or you might feel it in your head, as a kind of heat collecting there or in a constriction of your throat. Or it might be a bad feeling in your stomach, or an increased heart rate. Once you’ve followed the signal to the source of the offense, your Inner Warrior generally won’t need to attack, but simply make a readjustment of the situation.

For example, let’s say you are speaking with someone who is trying to make you feel inferior. Your palms start to sweat, which you know is your Inner Warrior alerting you to a threat to your inner being. You realize that you do not need to stand there and absorb the offensive remarks of this person, so you either point out their misperception or simply excuse yourself. The dangerous alternative would be to make polite conversation and then get angry out of context later.

Conquering outside circumstances to prevent the accumulation of toxic anger requires vigilance—just as protecting the body from unfit substances requires vigilance. Making the extra effort is well worth it. When we befriend our anger and communicate well with it, cutting offenders to our inner being off at the pass, we prevent the infestation of anger within our families and our communities at large. When we are lazy with our anger, we corrupt it and let it become exponentially more acute and we pass it along to others.

Anger can be a powerful tool that helps us to restore balance and clarity in our lives.

Enjoy discovering your Inner Warrior!

Yours in the protection of our unlimited growth,