The Battlefield

The Battlefield

From The Battlefield:


I stand here on the battlefield

Having slain my inner fools

I scrutinize the landscape

And burn all life-defeating rules


I log the land traversed

The mountain-faces scaled

Death-defying inclines

And yet it’s clear I have not failed


My feet are still beneath me

Five and a half feet below my gaze

And my eyes are still cast upwards

With gratitude for days


My mind is clear and steady

My heart is pure and light

Tho the arrows fly incessantly

I dodge them left and right


I’ve withstood here on the battlefield

What no one ever should

Yet I know I’m not the only one

Who warriors through this ‘hood


If you find yourself, one day or night

On dangerous terrain

Galvanize your righteousness

Place virtue where there’s pain


Don’t let self-pity swallow you

Don’t go down that doomed, weak path

Defy the pull to sulk and fear

And rise with strength to act!


Yes, it’s hard! You’re fighting!

But look how you’re fielding swords

This is not the time for comfort and ease

Leave the world to its foolhardy rewards


Who said this was meant to be glamorous?!

What warped illusion promised ease?!

The biggest mistake you can make in a fight

Is believing the enemy can be appeased


My message is simple: be grateful!

You are on your feet and surveying the land

Your fast-twitch responses are working

And your radiant heart beams God-force with command!


The battlefield eventually calls each of us

It’s a privilege, so best not to flee

Rather gird up your forces of discipline

So that despite the assault, you may succeed!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose

Q&A with Natalia – May/June 2016

•Setting the Context of this work: not about food/diet, it’s about life generating, primal energy.

•I am curious about the “Buddha Belly” symptom that some are experiencing, along with weight gain.

•If normal, ripe lemons leave an alkaline ash in the body, do unripe lemons create an acidic effect on the body?

•With regards to gas accumulation in the bones and particularly skull, if humans were to consume organic, native, unadulterated whole grains and starches, would it still have the negative effect of creating gas in the body?  Also, it seems as though children that are bottle fed have larger heads, is this the effect of gas accumulation from the formula?

•I just wanted to ask about fermented foods and Natalia’s thoughts on them now?

•My son was recently diagnosed with irritable brain activity after his first seizure. The neurologist expects more seizures. Have you read anything connecting food to seizures/neurological activity?

•Best advice for pre-teens/ teens starting to see acne?

•I was wondering what your thoughts are on aching joints?

•What are your thoughts on sleep?  After suffering from insomnia for months and trying what felt like everything under the sun, my sleep is finally regular and deep again after starting to eat more density and more throughout the day.

•In a clean celled body, what is the healthy menstrual cycle like?

•Can Natalia speak about her thoughts on fermented foods and broths and their role in aiding the healing of the gut?

•In your opinion, when leading a detox lifestyle, how necessary are chiropractic adjustments?

•No matter what the food combinations I have a lot of gas.

•As someone who has been abusing their body with food for years and now suffers from obesity, digestion problems, and hormone imbalances, where do I start?

•I have heard people speak about raw juices being a little hard on system where the gut is compromised.  Can Natalia speak about her thoughts on this?

•Are kelp noodles a good transition food, are they even nutritious, and has Natalia ever had them?

•What Natalia’s recommended protocol for addressing and healing anemia, especially if it runs in the family?

•In Natalia’s blog post about Electra’s arrival, she said that she was taking the preventive steps before getting pregnant.  Since then I’ve wondered, what are the best forms of birth control that align with this lifestyle?

•I just turned 57 and my doctor keeps telling me that I need a colonoscopy.

•Please describe why WiFi waves are bad for our health?

•I’ve been at this consistently for about four years now (I am 26), and I am still struggling to lose the weight.

•I had a question about peanut butter in regards to food combining. I know it should generally be avoided since it’s so mucus forming, but if it’s going to be used as an occasional treat, does peanut butter combine with starches since peanuts are legumes or does it combine with nuts/dried fruits?

•I also wanted to know if cold pressed juices are as beneficial as making fresh juices?

•My kids are not vaccinated and we are traveling to Africa (Tanzania) for a family safari.  Is it necessary to vaccinate them for this trip?

•I have been following Natalia’s work for years and absolutely love it! I go back and forth with researching the best way to eat and go back and forth for her knowledge and  recommendations and to plant-based.  I live in Chicago- so I tend to want warm foods all day and would love some day-day what to eat based on seasons and foods.

•I am traveling to Tokyo and wanted to know what would be food recommendations since I won’t have the best access to green juice.

•What’s the best way to test my acidity levels?

•Weight and weight loss.


Becoming your own surgeon

When you cleanse your cells and tissues, you become your own surgeon. The removal of the interloping blockages triggers a great re-knitting of the tissues to occur – something science only dreams of as it attempts to mimic such life-generating phenomena. At the very least, science has to go to great lengths to achieve something with entropic tissue that Life achieves with healthy tissue as naturally as breathing. (At worst, science has to apply immoral tactics to do so). So why not just remediate the tissue so Life can work it’s natural magic? (Ah, because that would entail discipline and lifestyle change).

Life is by definition regenerative. Only death/entropy requires questionable, convoluted, complicated apparatus. Again, for what? To mimic what Life does effortlessly on its own under the right conditions! Radiance, strength, purity, clarity, creativity, effortlessness. These are the fruits of the your inner surgeons discipline & focus. It can take many days and hours in the operating theater. But there is great work being done – divine suturing, transcendent transplants, ineffable transfusions & cosmetic miracles.

Tip: It’s time, once and for all, to get over what the ‘beast’ in you wants to consume. Get over your lower impulses. They will just take you lower and lower. Find a way to love your greens. They are your “soap.”

Get over this idea that you are entitled to be satisfied all the time and, instead try on the power of a bit of sacrifice. It’s healthy and wholesome to rise above knee-jerk desires. Don’t trust all those cravings that you are otherwise encouraged by the carnal, lost-world, to indulge in. They are illusions of satisfaction. Real pleasure and satisfaction will come to you as undeniably as the morning light.

Small but deliberate steps. Everyday, a little more. You can be a great surgeon and regenerate your body. But there are no short cuts in the operating theater…no cutting at all in fact, just the release of the impediments to conductivity and then, natural reconnection. Remember that what it actually means to “deny oneself” is to discard the truth of what you are. That is a far cry from the common understanding of the term which is to fail to give yourself the indulgences you desire. In effect when you indulge your lower impulses per the latter directive, you in fact, actually discard the truth of what you are.

You can become the light/the primal fire/the eternal flame or you can get burned by it. The eternal flame will go on either way, incinerating all that is not itself. True to itself, the eternal fire of light will always unapologetically and uncompromisingly flame on.

Don’t be an Airhead

This is one of the most important bits of health information you will ever come across (though I can’t promise it won’t make you giggle).

Don’t Be An Air Head!

It was one of those great learning moments – circa 2002 with my beloved mentor, Gil Jacobs. He had me, forgive the pun, LMAO while we were otherwise engaged in what he spunkily coined ‘the colonic action’ (an entirely wholesome pursuit, despite what it might conjure up for some of you with your minds in the gutter!).

Gil was pointing out to me how dramatically the shape & size of a handful of the the most famous male actors’ skulls morphed (ballooned actually), between their early 20’s (when their skulls were still relatively small and round like a child’s) and their late 30’s-40s, at which point their skulls seemed to swell close to twice the original size, (meanwhile also losing their original, strong head shape and facial features).

Naturally, these observations were strictly academic, not at all mean-spirited (and I certainly won’t name names here). It was all in the honorable name of cleansing-teacher illustrating to cleansing-student how the mass quantities of noxious gases, produced by waste accumulation in the gut, permeate the porous material of the skeleton and rise into the equally porous bone of the skull.

Most people don’t think of the bones and skull (and teeth for that matter) as highly-porous recipients of retained waste matter and the byproducts that develop from that retained waste, but they absolutely are.

The copious quantities of gas produced in the gut expand into the bones, causing the bone-matter to expand. As an added insult, the infiltrated bone matter becomes steadily weakened as the acidic gas eats away at it. The acidic noxious gasses displace the tightly, evenly-knitted ‘fabric’ of the healthy bone leading to weak bones (osteoporosis). This by the way is what happens to the body’s tissues at-large as retained waste is constantly permeating the extremely porous tissues of the body (making the tissues weak and slack). This is a major source of the rapid cosmetic deterioration that most people think is simply inevitable (it’s not merely inevitable at all).

It was by way of Gil’s powerful illustration of the ‘befores’ and ‘afters’ of these well-known modern day male actors which he identified as classic examples of this cause-effect scenario that enabled me to firmly and forever grasp one of the most essential understandings at the heart of tissue cleansing: warm gas rises in the body just as it does outside the body. The gas from the gut, in an attempt to find an exit by moving upward, becomes trapped in the skull, making for a real and literal ‘air-head’ situation. The retained waste matter is only half of it. It’s the retained waste AND the byproducts (noxious gases, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc.) that cause the trouble and must be shown the way out.

But gas is invisible and harmeless…isn’t it?

While it may be invisible, noxious gas takes up an enormous amount of space. When it permeates human tissue it creates a lot of expansion (undermining the vacuum/empty space condition you want to have in the body). This becomes unquestionably evident in the wake of successful tissue cleansing. Here’s how you can tell: when tons of this carbonic gas is released, one of the the most common responses come from women who formerly believed they were designed to have wide hips and/or shoulders. “I always just thought I was big boned,” they proclaim, “But I’m not really!” The big bones and the expanded girth was largely due to ‘invisible’ (and virtually weightless, might I add) gas pressure. Not so invisible after all, ‘eh?

A successful deep-tissue-cleanser can drop many sizes just due just to releasing a great deal of the trapped gas in the skeletal/muscular system alone! Furthermore, you can shrink significantly (horizontally, not vertically, lol) and yet not always see a huge difference in your weight on the scale. Now you know why.

More importantly, the integrity that is restored to the bone when the noxious gas exits results in a kind of bone renaissance! This integrity is restored throughout as tightens up like a teenager’s and becomes enviably toned. Your internal organs will let you know that their faculties are re-invigorated as well!

I can assure you, the dedicated tissue cleanser doesn’t lose a single moment fretting over the possibility of osteoporosis, organ weakness or droopy skin setting in with age. They know it is only by way of the entropic harbingers that the fortitude of their cells and tissues can be diminished (and they know how to keep those entropic interlopers at bay). As I always say, “It’s not the number of times we go around the sun that ages us but rather what we accumulate as we go around the sun.”

Try the skull expansion observation exercise yourself: just look at the difference between anyone you know (yes, you are also fair game ;)) and compare the head shape of their youth to its current shape. Why has the skull shape morphed so dramatically (again, including the jaw, cheek bones and forehead which also disintegrate within from the noxious gas eating away at it)? It’s simply the hot, noxious gas from the intestine rising and expanding into the porous material that is causing this. Now that you know, you’re empowered to prevent it (should you desire to).

So you see, noxious gases are not just a cosmetic inconvenience – carbon, nitrogen, methane and volatile sulfur permeate the brain tissue matter and we all know what happens when integrity is lost in the brain matter – the heartbreaking symptoms of senility, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease result. Granted, gas pressure is only one contributing factor to these illnesses; however, it is a significant one. Other major contributing factors are heavy metal accumulation in the body absorbing in the brain matter, radiation exposure and, naturally the ramifications of a lifetime of stress and disconnection with the network of life (but N.B. these factors also cause noxious gas to proliferate because the noxious gas is a byproduct of the entropy cycle that is caused by those factors listed above). Typically, these cofactors all operate in concert given the modern way of life. Where you find one, you’ll typically find them all.

Gil had a term for the pre-gassed-up-skull (the a.k.a. the ‘before’). He called it, ‘kid head.’ Kid head is that tight, cute round head that kids have before they saturate their tissues in waste that ferments and putrefies releasing copious quantities of noxious carbon, methane and nitrogen into the bones/skull. The same could be said of ‘kid skin’ and ‘kid frame’ – its not a lack of maturity or retarding of natural growth I’m suggesting – not remotely, please don’t misunderstand me. Rather, It’s an absence of the accumulation and byproducts of accumulation from misguided consumption perpetuated over years and decades. Look at the Bushmen, the Hunza’s, the native American Indians and so many other original peoples and you will find ‘kid head,’ ‘kid skin,’ and ‘kid frames’ in the elders of untold age.

Why? Because, so long as they were not eating too many animal products (which will cause a great deal of fermentation in an intestine as long as the human one), these ‘original people’ did not eat sugars and starches and hybridized fruits that turn the otherwise calm, tight, high-integrity human body into a chaos of putrefactive disorder. Wild foods have a far lesser inclination to have this effect, particularly when consumed as part of lifestyle rooted in the network of living energy.

When you see an example of pristine, healthy youth (this becoming rarer every day), you are looking at a being that has not yet corrupted his or her body with so much retained waste matter. Remember that corrupt is synonymous with rot and the noxious gasses are part of the rotting process.

To redisover your youth, you need only remove that accumulation and it’s associated gas pressure (or at the very least, you need only begin the process and watch yourself morph pleasantly in that direction both inside and out as you go deeper, dredging up that which is better off out).

People have been conditioned to focus on weight loss and to apply the ‘latest, greatest’ cosmetic tools to create the illusion of restored youth; meanwhile, it can be so much more honest and simple than that. It simply comes down to removing the retained waste and the gas pressure developing from it. The gas makes you far larger than you are (oh, this by the way goes for guys who are consuming all the “gym food” substances designed to help them bulk up and ‘get big,’ namely, the soy protein isolate and whey protein based foods and shakes.). No one will argue that it makes them larger, but gas pressure is a big part of that increased size, which also, by the way, makes them feel more aggressive and less at ease which can be a great big detour for a man who is otherwise seeking a strong sense of balance, happiness and inspired, creative direction in life.

The hot, non-aerated environment is the condition of our body. We cannot change that (nor would we want to as it works very nicely so long as sugars, starches, fleshes, oils, chemicals, radiation and heavy metals don’t vie for that self same space that is not designed for such things.

You would not want your food to sit in a hot, wet, unventilated room all day long in a zip lock bag, would you? If you were to undertake an experiment as such, would not be surprised to come back several days later to open that zip lock bag and recoil from the the stench therein and multiple forms of bacteria and parasites growing out of the food? The stench is the noxious gasses and the pathogens themselves growing in the putrefactive waste are releasing yet another generation of noxious gases to boot.

Why is it that we think this somehow doesn’t occur in exactly the same way inside the even warmer, unventilated, more moist internal conditions of the miraculous human body. There is nothing wrong with the way our bodies are designed but much misguided with regard to what we think should be copacetic with those conditions (but simply are not). And yet, it remains taboo to talk too much about it, as if it is somehow better to pretend that the putrafaction isn’t really actually occurring. It’s happening alright and, I’m sorry to say, it’s going to your head (it’s a law of gas and heat). Don’t believe me? Just take a look around.

I’ve always loved the Biblical admonition, “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” I would say likewise, “Be ye mature as the great elders and noxious-gas-free as the rejoicing, agile child.” This is possible and you have the power to turn the dial up on your ability to access this state at anytime.

The Impact Other People’s Opinions Have on Us

There’s a personal story I was considering telling on the anniversary of the event last week. Having opted not to share it at the time, it became evident that it could be helpful when several friends and students consulted me dealing with the same theme: they were all tied-up in knots over their otherwise hugely successful self-healing process simply because other people were projecting their limited ideas about dietetics and healing onto them, causing them to question the choices they were making.

It’s hard to imagine how other people’s opinions can have an impact on us at all when our life-generating results are so self-evident. Why would we ever accept another person’s opinionated critique of our choices over our own experience? But, it happens a lot. Until we are dead-set in our truth, there is a tendency to give a lot of power away to those we perceive to have a certain kind of authority.

Authority figures in our lives are not always the ones we’re conscious of like our parents, teachers, doctors and law enforcement officials. Without realizing it, we often grant a kind of pseudo-authority to certain friends and associates in our lives. Whenever we are swayed to change tracks because of what someone else thinks of what we are doing, we have granted them authority over us.

Now, you can learn to follow your truth the hard way by remaining open to so called authority figures’ opinions (only to revert back to the pain that drove you to your heart’s path, time and again). Or, you can grip your steering wheel with two steady hands and realize that these so-called authority figures don’t know Jack about Jack.

Thirty-six years ago last week on July 23rd, 1979, I was run over by a yellow school bus after day camp – by both sets of tires. The bus ran me over with the front wheels and then continued to run me over again with the back wheels (guess the driver thought I was a speed bump?). I was just two months shy of my 4th birthday. To lend some context: I spotted my mother in her fire-engine red El Dorado Caddy with the top down pulling into the camp parking lot to fetch me after a long day away from her and I was excited to run into her arms. I had the good sense to look both ways and by my 3.10 year-old estimation I could make it across, not seeing any on-coming cars, just a lot of yellow busses lined up picking up campers. So I made a run for it.

She emerged from the car to witness me being smacked down by the on-coming yellow bus and had to watch, screaming in horror until the crushing concluded. The bus did not stop. The driver was totally unaware of what had happened.

I remember the scene as if it were yesterday. I even remember how the hot summer asphalt felt underneath my fragile body. But I was fully conscious and present as the crowd gathered around me. Funny enough, despite the pain which I described to my mother as feeling like I was being ‘cut open with a knife,’ I was more concerned about my mother’s distress and repeated consolingly to her over and over again, “Mommy, I’m going to be alright.” I didn’t want her to be upset. Next thing, we were speeding along in the ambulance.

Flash forward to the ICU and my parents meetings with the team of doctors who were working on me. The verdict: this team of six doctors prepared my parents for the worst. I was going to die. They added that if, by some remarkable miracle I lived, I would be crippled for life. And to add further insult to injury, my shattered pelvis meant that my eggs were destroyed and I would never ever be able to conceive children.

I’ll save you the next six weeks of blood and gore in the ICU where I became a fixture. That ICU became my home – I still remember chatting with the other kids there and the syrupy pancakes. It was touch and go every day until the final day when after a series of attempts to stop the internal bleeding (that resulted in a massive allergic reaction) my parents were told to say their last goodbyes to me. What they found in that hospital bed instead (and I am not exaggerating here at all – this is 100% a true story) was a completely healed little girl ready to leave the hospital. My parents took me with my atrophied little body straight to our favourite spot in Laguna beach certain that a week playing on the sand would be the best way to strengthen my body (wise move). And it did. Despite all the authorities’ insistence to the contrary, I did not die. I was not crippled and I went on to have three healthy children. Now, to her credit, my mother never mentioned there was any concern about my eggs so that never seeded in my subconscious. I have two scars and a funky bone that sticks out on my right side (and fairly torturous labors, which I attribute to the funky way my shattered pelvis mended) that’s only visible when I wear a bikini but they’re my battle scars and I love them.

Those doctors meant well and they played a significant role in saving my life. I am so grateful to them for that. However, they didn’t have the authority over the outcome of my process just as those “authoritative” opinions that you may be putting stock in do not have either enough information nor a vast enough perspective to have any authority over your process.

I knew I was going to be alright. I told my mother this from the beginning. In fact, whilst everyone was praying (she had the whole city praying practically) and worrying, I just kind of looked on and enjoyed my hospital stay (I liked the other kids and the pancakes were yummy!). My spirits were always high those six weeks. I knew I wasn’t going to die – the thought never crossed my mind.

If your spirits are high and you’re feeling hugely attracted to your self-healing path – like a love affair (that’s what it can and should feel like actually) then you must not let anyone else dissuade you.

If you are on this path, I will remind you (with all due humility) that you know more about the way healing, cleansing and dietetics apply to the body than anyone else you may consult with. Unless this work is studied sufficiently, important contextual cruxes are lost and it won’t make sense to others why you might be dry fasting for several hours or drinking only green juice until dinner or forgoing major food groups like grains, fleshes and cow dairy.

Out of the realm of deep tissue cleansing study, it can sound like disordered extremism (I’ll grant them that). But, and I say it lovingly…they don’t know Jack about Jack.

So, do your thing, rid your gunk from your tissues, get your conductivity kickin’ and live life at a level of vitality and inspiration that blows all previous limitations out of the water. You be the authority of just how high you can fly (or, as it was in my case, whether you live or die). Healing knows no limits and none but the great All That Is truly knows where its all going. So go do what makes your heart sing and stop listening to other people.

Entropy and Dietetics: Making BIG Connections

Now that we’ve established that centripetal force/spin is syntropic (a.k.a. life-generating) and centrifugal force/spin is entropic (a.k.a. life-deteriorating), we can go to the next step and apply this knowledge to our dietetics! You all are always asking me about the dietetic details so here you go! Here’s what we’re going to do in this instalment:

Step #1: Define and identify high-entropy foods/substances vs. low-entropy foods substances (see detailed explanation below).

Step #2: Reflect on dietetic intake (and historic intake – because that residue is still within you until you’ve done a significant amount of tissue cleansing) and therefore it is still your state of ‘internal affairs.’ (In other words, it’s your responsibility to look at it squarely in the eye and rectify it).

Step #3: Understand one of the most important facts of entropy and why it causes such a rapid de-spiraling process. Get ready for it…it is unpleasant and you may cringe as you read the word, I warn you but it is true: the entropic event is ROT. You do not need to have rotting substances in your body but until you can look at it for what it is and remediate it, that’s the issue. Decay, disease, illness, symptoms are all just indications of rot/degrees of rot (caused, as you now know, by blockages and “cut threads.”).

Step #4: Remove the rot by adopting a low-entropy diet, saturating the rot in greens and removing the accumulation from the tissue.

Okay, Step #1: I define and identify high-entropy foods and substances as: “Those foods/substances which incline our physicality and fields most readily toward entropic unraveling/rot.” Now, I realize that food technologists typically define high-entropy foods as the very opposite of my definition because their interest is in shelf-life, not tissue life. So, for them a low-entropy food is one that will not rot on the shelf for a long time. I appreciate their perspective, but as usual, the “worldly, profit-driven” perspective is inverted.

Setting the record straight: Substances that are designed for longest shelf life ARE ACTUALLY THE MOST INCLINED TO CAUSE ROT INSIDE OUR BODIES, THEREFORE THESE ARE THE MOST HIGH-ENTROPY SUBSTANCES IN THE LARGER SCHEME OF THINGS. Foods and substances which do not rot readily at room temperature, on shelves but DO, cause the body to rot more readily than other substances are in fact, “high-entropy foods.” To state it differently, they might not rot outside the body but boy do they ever get the body rotting once they get in!

So, since these packaged, processed foods are the most inclined to cause the most rapid deterioration in the body, I define them as high-entropy substances.

The highest entropy substances, even higher than packaged processed foods are chemicals, heavy metals and radiation. This puts pharmaceutical drugs at the tippity top of the high-entropy hierarchy, right up there with lead, mercury and radioactive fallout. There’s not much more of a sinister and rot-inducing substance than pharmaceutical drugs.

Next down on the hierarchy we have the highest-entropy foods: these are the processed foods (notice: processed foods have an extremely low-water content which means they instantly stick like glue in the tissue. Without the kinetic energy to help move them through the body, this is the kind of stuff that pretty much stays with you forever. I know you might like it — but do you like it that much? This category virtually instantly suffocates healthy cells and tissues upon arrival and accelerates the decomposition cycle, starting wherever they land/nest after ingestion. In and among this category we have concentrated ‘machine’ oils like canola and safflower oil. This group is also home to all processed soy foods as well as all foods that have been treated with hormones, antibiotics or other shelf-life chemicals: namely mainstream animal products.

The dead tissue (animal flesh) is also known as necrotic tissue and necrotic tissue by definition is decomposing tissue. This is what you are eating when you are eating animal fleshes. I say this without judgment. It doesn’t do anyone any good to judge this, just to look at what it actually is. Animal products may still play a role in a smart transitional cleansing diet but let’s be conscious about what animal flesh is – it is a decomposing material. This is why it is dyed and has such a short [natural] shelf-life. Beware of any substance that requires chemical agents to extend its appeal or longevity. That’s a sure sign of a high-entropy food.

The next major constituency of the high-entropy food club are sugary foods. Sugars are high entropy because sugar effects the tissues like acid and immediately begins eating away at living tissue (rather use a bit of natural stevia). With sugars, it’s that simple – it eats healthy tissue and feeds pathogens (yeast/fungus, bacteria, viruses and parasites) and as it does so (creating new pathogens). When you think sugars, think: “FAF”: F=Fungus, A=Addiction, F=Fermentation. FAF=Rot

Now, consider what happens when sugary foods meet processed foods…you have a double whammy of high-entropy substance. It’s an exponential offense – a kind of Jurassic Park of high entropy foods! And then, consider packaged foods that contain animal flesh like Pork Rinds and beef jerky.

Next we have the processed cow dairy products because they have no redeeming life force and they are extremely gluey, followed by the refined starch category. The more refined the starches, the higher-entropy. This is because the more processed, the more sticky the starch. The stickier the starch, the more it will stick in the tissue and also invite mucoid plaque to develop (which all these high-entropy substances do by the way). Mucoid plaque is another way of suffocating life force and cells/preventing conductivity and reducing oxygen in the blood and tissues. So, consider all starches from rice to bread to pop-corn and their entropic effect. These are not natural human foods for human tissue. These are just things we’ve adopted and come to take a certain pleasure in. You can just as easily leave them behind in favor of water-containing low-entropy plant foods that will not rot you out of your otherwise beautiful physical home.

The low-entropy category is as follows: top of the hierarchy (the most low-entropy foods, meaning the least inclined to contribute to rot in the body and most inclined to help remediate it) are wild herbs. Wild herbs (all green herbals: parsley, cilantro, dandelion, basil, mint, rocket/arugula, etc.) should be the mainstay of the modern diet because they snuff out rot and imbue the body with synthesized sunlight (chlorophyll, the body’s truest food-source nourishment). Wild herbs followed by wild greens followed by organic greens are the best tools in the modern dietetic toolbox.

Next we have all low-starch organically grown vegetables (think everything from tomatoes to Brussels sprouts, parsnip, broccoli, beets, carrots, etc. Many of you are aware and concerned that almost all of our modern vegetables (with the exception of wild greens) are hybridized so we cannot hope to avoid all hybridized vegetables. That debate comes up a lot…to which I say, enjoy them as part of a GREEN-CENTRIC diet with a tissue cleansing lifestyle and you will not have any problem (but you will have lots of pleasure to fuel your long term commitment, which is what really matters!). Organic lemons are also top of the low-entropy heap. We love dem organic lemons!

Fruits are a very tricky category and generally best to avoid at large (with some wriggle room). Here’s what you need to know: inorganically grown, hybridized fruits that are picked before they are ripe are a disaster and super-high-entropy! All our fruits today are way too sugary so they will eat away at the tissue and feed pathogens. However, organic fruits also have a great deal of sun-power and a whole lot of kinetic energy because of the sun energy and their high water content so, it’s not the same as eating other sugary foods. I would go very easy on them though if you’re determined to enjoy them and always only on an empty stomach (never with or following other food categories as in for dessert). Eventually, hopefully wild fruits will come back as our world realizes what domestication of plant life does to undermine the intelligence quotient in our food supply. Domestication of plants, animals and humans are all very high-entropy events.

But, at the core (allow the pun) today’s fruits (even the organic variety) are not “original fruit” and should not be treated as the perfect human food that “original fruit” (a.k.a. wild fruit that was available hundreds of years ago) was.

I hope this helps you further connect the dots and gets you ever closer to the ecstatic, inspired, syntropic, super-high frequency life-experience!

Express Your Authentic Nature

There is only one thing that life asks absolutely of you – to express your authentic nature, fully – not to embody some cockamamie ideology you’ve been told to put on like a uniform.

Consider today shedding anything that rings of doing what you’re “supposed” to do because that’s what’s expected of you. By whom? Who said so? Who dictates to you what you should or should not be or do if you are following a path of honor? And, I can assure you that if you are following a path of honor and truth, your authentic expression will always trump the alternative by a million miles!

Anything that infringes upon your ability to be yourself is a nail in your coffin, decay in your being, certain death. Calcification comes from that crunched up place. That place of doing what you’re told and toeing the line.

Only by removing the death imprint and all the repression and suppression from ourselves will we know what the true human life experience should feel like, look like and how far it should extend (in perfect bliss).

So where are you permitting suppression/repression? Where are you stifled? How is your conductivity today? How centripetal are you? Is it an entropic day or a syntropic day? It’s all in your power to re-direct anti-energetic spin to life-generating spin, to heal, to embody the life force!

Overcoming is not easy but the alternative is no place to be. Those who triumph do so because they never let go of the beautiful vision of true life even while they are surrounded by imitations of life.

Perfect vital vision. Application of concentrated focus. Consistent implementation of all that supports that vision. That’s it. You’ve got this!

Que Sera Sera/ Keep Calm & Carry OnTwo expressions I’ve always personally found deeply disturbing: “Que sera sera.” And, “Keep calm & carry on.” After a vibrant family discussion about why these two adages annoy me (turns out I stand apart as the only one profoundly bothered by them), I thought I’d openly express just what it is about both of them that ‘gets my goat cheese.’

1. Que sera, sara: My mom tells the story: I was about 7 or 8 years old and she was singing, the “Que sera sera” song when I interrupted and asked her, “Mom, what’s ‘que sera’ mean? She went on to translate, “Honey, it means, ‘whatever will be will be’” and then carried on singing the rest of it…”the future’s not ours to see, que sera sera…”

As she tells it (and I recall) I became pretty upset by the end of the song, went to my room and closed the door. A little while later I emerged again, looked my mom squarely in the eye and said, “Mom, I don’t like that ‘que sera sera” stuff. I’m going to make my own future…none of this ‘what will be will be nonsense!”

To this day, with the exception of it’s reasonably appealing melody and my mother’s signature, beautiful voice singing it, I cannot find anything redeeming in that song (and secretly I roll my eyes whenever it somehow crosses my audio waves). We are not living in a “Que Sera, Sera” universe. We are self-determined creators. And thank goodness for that!”

2. “Keep calm & carry on.” I understand that message served a purpose to prepare the British civilians’ morale for WWII blitzing. But today it is everywhere as a design trend: on bags, sweaters, t-shirts, jackets and posters. Can we look at this adage afresh and the influence it has on our psyches in the modern day?

To be told to “keep calm” implies that you are not calm. If you are not calm, there’s probably a very good reason (even if that reason is that you need to address your inner demons). To ignore the undercurrent rising in you and rather “keep calm” is an affront to your spirit – it’s a directive to suppress your true feelings. For who’s benefit? Not for yours!

Do we really want to suppress our feelings and moreover do we really want to be focused on a time when we had no choice but to prepare for a blitzing of our homes? This kind of messaging subliminally reminds us of the oppression of war (all mixed up in the decadence of fashion which is hard for a balanced mind to process without instinctually rejecting it because it rings with insanity). And then there’s the deeper message that reaches our subconscious mind reminding us that when the governing command says so, we must walk in lock-step. It’s a dark, oppressive wolf of a message dressed up as design mutton.

I’m not saying the bags, t-shirts and signage are deliberately designed to keep us subconsciously in a state of oppression (though I’m not saying that’s not the case either). I am simply saying that before we adopt a slogan in our subconscious mind and in our collective via a seemingly innocuous outlet like design trends, we should think about the message a bit more.