So part two of this concept of this figure eight is that we’re having to do all of this to restore the integrity of our eternal, right, infinity, our eternal soul. Because the world we were brought up in, had this sort of, let’s say, ability, I won’t even say agenda, I’ll say that had the ability to break us down, to remove our integrity to make us weak. So even though it may or may not have intended to, and that’s arguable, that’s another story for another day. The fact is, it had the ability to and it did, it succeeded in making us weak in breaking down the integrity of that soul body. So we have to restore it. So if something’s you know, broken, you want to use it, I’m guessing you want to use your beautiful soul body, and you want to use it to its maximum potential, then it needs to be repaired. And that’s what we’re doing. That’s what we’re, this is the repair work.


And it’s, you know, it shows its fruits every day, it’s not like you have to wait for it to happen. The second you keep going. And the second you, you do your deep tissue cleansing, and you acknowledge your false archetypes, and your dysfunctional emotions, and the programming, and you restore your true mind and you remove all the stuff, stuff that was stuffed into you all of these years, all the decades of your life and before and in your lineage, in your ancestry. And it goes on and on. The more you do that, you do something that I think is like this miracle, that it’s truly a miracle. It’s what I call the unscrambling of the egg.


So, here you are – your soul body. This composite that is you that is so perfect and so completely ripe, with soul force, just brimming with infinite potential. And then what happens? Culture comes in, takes your egg, knocks it on the table, opens it, puts it into a bowl and whips it up and puts it into a pan to scramble it. Scrambling your egg, your intact egg that was supposed to become a chick. You get scrambled. You’re not just eating scrambled eggs. You’ve been scrambled. So, most people would think Gosh, if we couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again, how are we ever going to unscramble an egg? Well, we can. And that’s the miracle of this work. And that’s what I share with you every step of the way. We are unscrambling your egg. And we are restoring it. We’re putting it back together again.


So, I don’t know about Humpty Dumpty. I cannot speak for Humpty Dumpty, but I can speak for myself and I can speak for your potential soul body and say uncategorically, unequivocally, without reservation or hesitation, that we can unscramble your egg and restore it to its perfect state. So that’s what this is all about. That’s what this figure eight is all about. Going up and getting what we need up here in the mental, emotional and spiritual and then applying it in the physical and then rise to higher and higher orders every time creating a beautiful loop of integrity, restoring your integrity. And that’s what this is all about. And I send you guys great blessings. I hope you enjoyed the Seaview. It is going to be a beautiful sunset tonight. And so huge, huge love. Okay, bye for now.