Your Higher Self


You can think of your ‘Higher Self’ as that part of yourself that is still within the God-Mind, still in the True Light.


Higher Self vs Personal Self


In this context, you can see how and why your Higher Self knows best what you need rather than the personal Self that you identify with in Matrix-consciousness.


Exit From the Matrix


If you are on a big journey in life that feels rocky and not where you wanted or expected to go, it’s probably because that which knows far more and sees far more clearly, (“as if face-to-face” with the Creator), has plans that most likely include getting you out of the Matrix.


Obstacles Along the Way


But cognitive dissonance and lack of practice computing true things (because we’re so well-practiced computing false things) keeps interfering and opposing the truth that our Higher Self wants us to see.


This opposition to the journey that our Higher Self wants to take us on causes us to keep banging our heads against the same walls!


Where is your ‘Higher Self’ trying to take you and help you see?


in loving service,