Let the Removal of Food-Waste Be Thy Medicine


There are a lot of ways to shut a person up. You can shut a person up with money, with intimidation, with food, with entertainment, with confusion, with an object (like tape or a cloth or a mask). You can shut them up through sound vibrations like by being louder so they cannot be heard or by suppression or by training them to be silent through experiential conditioning like by being ignored (‘Ferberizing’ is a great example of this).


The Matrix takes no chances. It deploys all of the above techniques to make sure no one speaks out against It.


It also makes sure your body is shut down (and therefore shut up) so it can’t speak. If it dares to speak (through symptoms), it’s given pills to silence those symptoms. It shuts your body up by filling it up with matter. Just shove it in. Here’s a spoon, a fork. Shovel. Fill it up so it can’t speak.


That’s what 3 meals a day will do to you. We are not designed to eat so much…even if what we would call the “best foods.” This is why healing comes when we remove the waste, the obstruction, not from taking in more.


Heresy alert: No, I don’t believe food is our medicine. I believe the removal of food waste is our medicine. Sorry Hippocrates. New truth for new times. Nope, there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s just another sneaky Matrix perversion. Don’t eat up! I don’t want you or your body to be shut up!


in loving service,