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Release the Waste


This is the work that champions do – we release the waste!

While the rest of the world is putting all of this waste into their body, you’re releasing your garbage!

Even if you follow the perfect diet, if you don’t remove the waste then you’re not solving the problem. It’s like using perfume to cover up an odor – you need to get rid of the cause of the odor!

And this is why regular colonic hydrotherapy sessions are so important.

You can do enemas at home in your own time with the Enlightener, and we’re so happy to announce that Enlighteners are IN-STOCK! They are in New York and ready to ship to you anywhere in the world!

Once you place your order it will ship immediately and I, Natalia Rose, will personally be on-call to help you with any questions you may have getting going with it!

Happy expunging all your old waste and living a beautiful new life in a clean-celled, radiantly healthy & beautiful new body! It’s the greatest health and beauty secret there is!

In loving service,