On Navigating Uncharted Territory & the Extremely Green Detox

‘Eat to Evolve’ Interview: On Navigating Uncharted Territory & the Extremely Green Detox

Eat to Evolve talks to Natalia Rose.

Certified Nutritionist Natalia Rose is without question one of the world’s experts on detoxification and cleansing. Since the 2005 publication of her first book, The Raw Food Detox Diet, Natalia has been teaching the purest, most effective diet and lifestyle methods to promote regenerative health and longevity. But lately, her work has emerged from its roots in classical Natural Hygiene principles and entered a new realm of liberating, uncharted territory.

These days, Natalia views cellular purification primarily as a means to an end, a vehicle whose purpose is to carry us into the discovery and embodiment of what it means to be truly human. Fully awake, unconditioned and free, hers is a path of personal sovereignty, of reclaiming control over one’s entire being on every level, body, mind and spirit.

One of Natalia’s most attractive qualities—beyond her radiant physical beauty, of course—is her authenticity. This is a person who clearly practices what she preaches. And she has been brave enough to evolve her message, to change and to grow, in full view of her public. Each new detoxification program has developed naturally and sequentially from the one before, in step with Natalia’s own personal journey towards ever-deepening degrees of transformational self-purification and awareness.

Extremely Green Detox is the next step in Natalia’s journey. Founded upon the removal of our deepest-seated obstructions and enabling uncompromised freedom from prevalent mainstream, health-depleting ideologies, this brand new program is being introduced to the world with a unique opportunity: participation in a month-long, fully supported group cleanse led by Natalia and members of her Natalia Rose Institute team.

Complete, detailed diet instructions and recipes, bi-weekly video lectures and phone conferences, food prep demos with top chef Doris Choi, and personal consultations with senior detox counselor Joanna Novick, CN, are all included in the Extremely Green Detox package. Beginning on July 1st, the program offers all the perks of going on a luxury health retreat without having to leave home (and for a fraction of the cost!!).

I spoke with Natalia earlier this week about Extremely Green Detox, the fully supported group cleanse, and why she believes we need to turn the detox dial way up in order to prevail over the assaults of living in a toxic world.

Natalia, tell me about the Extremely Green Detox. Why did you develop this program, and what is it designed to do?

The best way to describe it is this: we are living in extreme times that are taking a toll on people’s health in a way that has never been seen before. Between the pathogens that are running rampant in everybody’s body, the endocrine system being so dysfunctional and the organs being so weakened, there’s this extremely slippery slope into illness that is hard to escape. What ends up happening is that most people are having a debilitating life experience. It’s either going to be rectified by the right protocol, or it’s going to bring you all the way down, slowly or rapidly, depending on what, if anything, you do to address it.

Essentially, we have three options for dealing with a deteriorating life experience: 1) just let it go down and deteriorate all the way, 2) try to slow the deterioration by doing a few things right, or 3) correct things 100% percent.

Option three is the only way to achieve an optimal life experience. Otherwise, it’s just various shades of doom. The Extremely Green Detox is a call for us to put aside our path of least resistance—our crutches, our addictions—and correct things 100 percent. The beauty of it is that if we can follow the protocol long enough and steady enough, we can win the war, as it were, and bring our bodies back to great strength.

Where does the Extremely Green Detox fit in relation to your other programs?

It’s definitely a progression. The Raw Food Detox Diet gets people out of the mainstream way of eating. Detox 4 Women—which I want to emphasize is also for men—pulls people out of pathogenic problems such as yeasts, molds and fungal issues. And the Extremely Green Detox brings people out of the quicksand and on to the mountaintop. It’s for those of us who want that peak experience, who want our blood to be the blood of youth, and our bones to be the bones of youth. This is what we use to get to the top of the mountain. Once you’re there, if you want to do some of the other things once in a while you can, but it’s not the daily experience any more.

I noticed that many foods you allow on your other programs—low-sugar fruits, goat cheese and baked sweet potatoes, for instance—are missing from this program. What is the reason for this?

A big part of it has to do with eliminating the pathogens that still have a hold in people’s systems. We have to kill them, and for this to happen, things like sugars, fermented foods and dairy all have to be left out of the equation unless one is a true beginner.

There’s also another piece. The key to successfully moving forward in this technocratic society, which is in decline, is to have the fewest needs possible. Of course having a sense of interconnected compassion trumps all. But the person who needs the least, who is the least dependent on outside substances, is the one who will survive with the most success.

That’s why we are focusing on the raw green foods. Green food is primordial food. It’s synthesized sunlight—chlorophyll, plus the living enzymes which you just don’t get with supplements and green powders. When the majority of the diet is coming from live, vitalized green foods like wheatgrass juice, juiced greens, dark green leafy vegetables and salads, amazing changes start to happen. For one, the palate changes. Even after just a few days, the palate starts to readjust so that you actually enjoy the taste of simple, unadulterated food in its natural state. The indigenous state of tasting is regained, and this has a profound, transformational influence over the perception of what we think we need to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

So, as the palate shifts, the craving for sub-optimum substances is reduced and addictions lose their hold?

Exactly. And when addictions fall by the wayside, you become empowered. So we’ll be dealing with this during the guided cleanse. We’re even going to look at the shadowy addictions, the ones which we may not be aware of, or don’t want to admit. Even stevia can be an addiction. But as the palate readjusts, addictions fall by the wayside.

Once that happens, if we want to dabble in the less than optimum choices, we can bring those things back on an occasional basis and still maintain balance. Somebody who does the Extremely Green Detox protocol long enough to truly strengthen themselves will be able to do what we call “safe poisons” once in a while without a problem, but it will be less of a daily experience—not out of a sense of forced deprivation, but because the desire to make it a daily experience will be gone. Once the body is strengthened, the safe poisons won’t bring you down if you just do them periodically.

So raw goat cheese, for example, is a food that can be reintroduced down the road?

Raw goat cheese is a good substance that the body can utilize. If the system is in good working order and the body is clean, something like raw goat cheese is not going to undermine the system. It’s something a strong body should be able to manage. The same goes for things like wine, or a piece of fish.

The problem, though, is that our bodies are not strong. We need to find a way to maintain the highest levels of human health at a time when the world is so acidic, and we are constantly being bathed in chemicals and radiation. That’s what the Extremely Green Detox is for.

What else is different about your new program?

One big addition is the daily wheatgrass juice, which is going to be treated like a sacred meal. And green juice is also going to become a sacred meal, consumed consciously, with a sense of “I am taking in my true nourishment now.” Both of these green drinks are loaded with chlorophyll, which makes them optimum foods for the blood, the brain and so many body systems. But the wheatgrass juice in particular has another role. It will make it easier for people to do the program, because it provides a sense of fullness and satisfaction on a subtle level. It functions psychologically as well as physiologically.

So, starting with 1 ounce a day, wheatgrass juice will be included as much as people can tolerate it—five days a week if possible. And they’ll be encouraged to build on the quantity every week, so that by end of four weeks, some will be up to 4 ounces every day. Others may still be doing just 1 ounce and making a face, but they’ll be doing it!

I know that face! Wheatgrass juice can take some getting used to in the aftertaste department, but it is an amazing healing substance.

The idea is that people will come to enjoy it as essential. This has been my experience. Your body takes on the qualities of whatever substance you take in, and as your body takes on these qualities, it begins to desire those substances more. This happens with negative substances, too. The body gets used to whatever you are feeding it, and creates a habitat for that.

So, when we take in super nutrient-rich and high vibration substances, such as the wheatgrass juice, which is pure living chlorophyll, our body becomes made of that, and it craves that. Over the past few years, I have worked up to drinking 4 ounces of wheatgrass a day. Now the experience of taking it in has become one of the highlights of my day, but it was a process to get here. So this is something we will be doing together on the cleanse that I am really excited about sharing.

Can you talk a little about the Natalia Rose Institute community, and why you decided to introduce your new program, Extremely Green Detox, within the context of a fully supported cleanse?

Our goal is to create a place where people can heal, strengthen and retain their human qualities on this bizarre stage. We need to keep on finding solutions as we navigate being a human being in a non-human world.

Ultimately, the goal of a fully supported cleanse is about giving people the ability to stand alone. The bottom line is, you wake up with you in the morning. No matter who you went out to dinner with the night before, no matter what temptations were there, how are you going to feel in the morning? Will you look in the mirror and say “I guess I gave up because everyone else was doing it,” or will you feel grateful that you honored your body’s true needs, and your deeper desires to take your life experience and your health to the next level?

As long as we don’t relapse and fall back into the false notions of what “civilized people” need, we are in new territory. That can be a little scary. With the supported cleanse, we have the guidance of the leaders, along with the built-in support of the group structure, to helps us cross the bridge to get there.

It looks like you’ll be providing a lot of support during the four weeks of the program.

In addition to all the emails, there will be group calls once a week, plus a weekly video with a live chat feature. We have a private Facebook page where people can interact, and a hotline is in the works. We’ll tackle the social-emotional-mental challenges. We’re going to dismantle all of the social pressures, like a kid who wants to dismantle a computer. We’ll take it apart. This is the power of the group.

It sounds like a fantastic opportunity! People must be getting so excited.

Every day will be a whole new experience and as a result, there will be an overwhelming sense of well being from doing this program—visceral experiential knowledge, rather than textbook. Extremely Green Detox is geared towards experienced cleansers, but we’re bringing in all levels, and making modifications for different needs, so everyone will get the best out of it. Already more than 100 people are signed up! It’s almost like a small country with a new vision.

‘Raw Guru’ interview with Natalia

Question #1: What are some rawfood staples in your current diet? B) Are you 100% raw? C) How did you start?

I had the ideal transition experience because I didn’t regard “raw” as the holy grail but rather focused on facilitating elimination of poisons from my cells by eating in a way that maximized digestive rest so that the body could do it’s job of healing. In this way, I knew it was often preferable to eat certain cooked foods rather than certain raw foods. Raw food that are too dense or combined poorly do not exit the body any more quickly than many cooked foods and are not what I refer to in my book, The Raw Food Detox Diet, as “Quick Exit” foods. Quick Exit foods and Quick Exit meals were my measuring stick as I transitioned. For example fish and steamed vegetables are a much quicker exit choice than a raw nut burger. The fish and veggies will be much lighter in the body than the nut burger. The bottom line: the less your body expends on digestion the more it can eliminate. Elimination is the key which is lost in most of the raw food circles!

So my key tools were 1) being fastidious about proper combinations per the rules in the book to ensure ease of digestion and 2) eating “light to heavy” as I describe in the book – meaning eating the lightest foods early in the day (and first in each meal) and the heavier foods later in the day. (Eating “raw till dinner” is a great way for transitioners to get the hang of this process in an enjoyable way.) Once these habits were established it was easy to eventually kick the cooked foods out almost all-together. I say “almost” because I still eat about 2-3 cooked meals/month. But my version of a cooked meal is steamed veggies over Kombu noodles topped with a high quality marinara sauce and grated raw Alta Dena goat cheese (I melt this together in the oven – it’s amazing and a real “Quick Exit” dish! ) I no longer eat any other animal product other than the raw goat cheese. But I didn’t give up fish until I realized it actually made me feel nauseous after eating it. I waited until my body said, “ok, no more of this, please!”

In terms of staples, I eat young coconuts (and use them in my raw ice creams) daily. In summer I typically only take in green juice and fruit in the daylight hours. Dinner is usually a blended soup (my favorite is the Raw Sweet Potato Soup below) and a giant guacamole salad. I almost always enjoy 1-2 cups of the chocolate ice cream for dessert! I do not eat grains or nuts any longer – again simply because my body rejects them and they lower my vibrations. But they are very useful for transitioning.

Avocados, young coconuts, all vegetables, sea vegetables, fruits and dates are the foundation of my diet.

Question #2: What is your new book, “The Raw Food Detox Diet “ about?

I like to think of The Raw Food Detox Diet as RAW DONE RIGHT. It sets the record straight about why transition and elimination of waste is SO critical to perfect health and weight. It dispells the myths about raw food and in this way makes it much more attractive to people who think this way of eating is out of their reach. I also aimed to penetrate the mainstream diet seekers and meet them at their point of need – which is weight loss. Once you get people excited about the weight loss component, it’s easy to get them psyched about the health aspects. I wanted it to be be a home base for veteran raw-fooders and newbies alike. The book is also choc-full of real life scenarios and over 80 fabulous recipes as well as menus for every transition level (1-5).

Question #3: What is the best way to detox?

Calculate your Raw Food Transition number from the test in the book to determine how “raw” you should go at your stage. This will ensure that the detoxification process is not too aggressive or uncomfortable. Then find the easiest ways for you to 1) increase your consumption of raw fruits and veggies at mealtimes and 2) create Quick Exit meals. This is all you need to do to get Natural Law releasing the poisons from your cells and tissues. The second element is ensuring removal of these poisons via sweat, lymph drainage and bowel movements. My methods of choice are infrared saunas, body brushing and gravity method colonics respectively.

Question #4: How do you come up with a recipe?

I think about what I would really like to eat – whatever that is and I think about how I can use the Quick Exit paradigm to mix ingredients to create that experience. For example, I simply do not eat grains at all but I still love italian food. So I use the kombo noodles instead of pasta or a cabbage leaf instead of pizza crust and pile high the sauce, raw cheese, basil and oregano for a sumptuous Italian meal. I never feel deprived because I truly believe that I eat tastier, more satisfying food than anyone else on this planet. I eat a gourmet meal every night – no kidding!

Question #5: Can you share a favorite raw food recipe?

Here are two of my favorites that are new since the book was released!

Raw Blended Sweet Potato Soup 32 oz carrot juice (fresh) 1 medium sweet potato (cubed, peeled) 4 dates, pitted 1 avocado (scooped out) several dashes of pumkin pie spice

Blend until smooth. enjoy as much as you like! Makes 4-5 cups.

Blended Creamy Tomato Soup 5 ripe Holland tomatoes (halved) 1/4 cup fresh cilantro 1 T agave nectar 1/2 an avocado sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste garlic (opt)

Blend until smooth. You can add some chopped apple and fresh corn to make it more interesting…

Question #6: What are some quick tips or hints for raw newbies?

If you are feeling bloated or you’re not moving your bowels well, you’ve got to slow down the raw foods. Don’t over look the importance of food combining. Don’t look at other people and compare yourself. You need to honor your own process. For that matter don’t believe everything everyone tells you. You have to experiment on yourself to a certain degree. Lots of raw foodist are anti colonics but they are essential to removing deeply impacted matter and the old “demons” you draw up when you eat this way. But the right method is essential. Only use the Woods Gravity Method trained therapist which use a stainless steel speculum. Do not use the pressurized machines. These can back you up further. Raw foods alone would have left me with only partial benefits.

Also, be sure to transition at your correct level. Don’t be egotistical about this. If you take the test and you are a level 5 then follow the foods recommended at that level. You will still enjoy all the results but you will avoid bloating and other discomforts. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by what might seem a complicated approach to eating. It can be SO simple!. You can eat as simply as a raw salad for lunch with a handful of raw nuts and raisins and steamed veggies and baked sweet potatoes every night and be doing very deep cleansing work. Have fun with it. Remember this is meant to liberate you – not be another diet that holds you prisoner. If you do it right you should consistently move into a more uplifting space and find your body consistently improves in every way.

Question #7: Do you have any dental problems on the raw diet?

I never have. But then I have always had regular colonics since embarking on this lifestyle so the poisons would leave my system. My teeth are better than ever before, in fact – even though I eat 6-10 dates every day! My children also have beautiful teeth whilst all their contemporaries are getting cavities (and they even take their fresh apple juice to bed with them!).

Question #8: Where do you see the raw food movement heading?

I am certain that if mainstream Americans get this message the right way – as I believe it is laid out in The Raw Food Detox Diet it can become a widely accepted lifestyle. It is my hope that the message to these mainstreamers is one of gentleness and appreciation of their food-addictions and the necessity of gradual transition. These small steps can turn into giant leaps and save so many people from illness, overweight and begin to transform their lives in bigger ways that go beyond food but that right eating sets in motion. This movement could be the catalyst for very big changes in thought that effect policies, child-rearing and relationships across the board. If this happens there’s no limit to where our consciousness could go!

Question #9: Can you please tell us about some of your current projects you’re working on and/or developing?

My first point of focus is creating a Q&A section on my website: therawfooddetoxdiet.com to address the many inquiries about the lifestyle I receive every day. Next, I will be developing a follow up book to take enthusiasts to the next level and offer even more inspiration with recipes, testimonials and much more…

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Make no mistake, this approach (raw foods and quick exit foods) is the truth about the way we should be eating as humans. There is a lot of mis-information about health and diet and a lot of fear-breeding about protein, calorie counting, carbs, etc. Just listen to your intuition and know that instinctually you know what you should be eating and what is truly worthy nourishment for your magnificently designed body. And remember that health is not about what vitamins and minerals you put into your body but about removing the debris/waste matter that keeps your body from its inherent perfection.

‘Ladies Who Launch’ Interview with Natalia

The following interview with Natalia can also be found on Ladies Who Launch

Who Is She?

28-year-old Natalia Rose is a Clinical Nutritionist and founder of The Rose Program, a one-of-a-kind nutrition program that focuses on using natural foods to cleanse the body of toxicity, trigger weight loss and improve overall health. Different from other nutrition programs, Natalia is known for her educational trips to the health food store, one-on-one cooking lessons, and other customization methods that cater to the client’s personal tastes, health needs and lifestyle. The Rose Program also offers group sessions where members can partake in group intensive sessions and cleansing fasts in conjunction with shopping trips to Barney’s to provide motivation and distraction. Natalia runs her business out of her home office and also offers her program through phone consultations, and the Frederick Fekkai Salon and Spa. Natalia resides in New York City.

The Rose Program Philosophy:

“I teach people how to use natural foods to cleanse their bodies of the toxicity that keeps them from being as vibrantly healthy and lean as they can be. Anyone can do it — whether they travel and eat out in restaurants or run a busy household. The Rose Program focuses on consuming mostly natural foods and properly combining those foods in a way that does not overly tax the digestive system. In our culture we eat too many foods that waste our precious cleansing energies on digestion when that energy could be going to turning over new cells, healing organs and eliminating old waste matter from the body (note: excess waste matter is at the core of excess weight). This waste matter which comes from unnatural foods and pollution — things that cannot be fully utilized by our bodies is the cause of most modern-day diseases and keeps us from being the lean, vibrant, healthy beings we were born to be.”

One-on-one programs:

“My six week program is the silver bullet of health. After an initial consultation when I review the client’s health history and diet issues, the first thing we do is go to the health food store, which on one’s own can be a very confusing place because among the truly healthy offerings are just as many unhealthy ones. After leading them through the health food store isle by isle, we spend time in the kitchen where I teach them how to prepare healthy, vibrant foods that are customized to their tastes. For my Italian fans we make delicious raw pastas from zucchini. For Asian lovers, we make spring rolls and raw-vegetable sushi with unbelievably delicious dressings and sauces. I focus a lot on flavor. I attribute a lot of the program’s success to the fact that I am a foodie. I believe we should take a lot of pleasure in our food. My clients eat well, and leave the table satisfied. Eating for health and beauty should not leave one feeling deprived.”

Group sessions:

“Working in groups can be extremely motivating. I offer two kinds of group sessions—six women for six weeks and one week intensives for two hours a day. Juice fasting groups are also available to advanced clients who have been on The Rose Program for an extended period. Done as part of The Rose Program, either one-on-one or in a group is ideal and also surprisingly fun. Most fasters are amazed by how much energy they have on the second or third day of fasting on fresh vegetable juices.”

Exercise not a necessity:

“I believe in exercise but you don’t need exercise to see weight loss results on this program and the enzymes in the food help tone your body and skin. Yoga is ideal. But my favorite exercise for energy and toning is mini trampoline rebounding for 5 to 10 minutes each day.”


“I grew up in Los Angeles, received my bachelors from NYU and studied nutrition at the Natural Healing institute of Naturopathy in San Diego. I used this foundation to take nutrition to the next level of deep tissue cleansing.”

Biggest challenge:

“At first, marketing on a shoestring was hard. Several years ago, nobody knew what raw foods were, but now everyone knows and wants to learn about them, so the timing was right. I believed in what I was doing from the start, which allowed me to stick with it and never give up.”

Future business growth:

“I have written a book called The Raw Food Detox Diet, which is available in bookstores everywhere. While still in a draft stage, the book contains all of my principles and my recipes, and addresses nutritional issues for every stage of life from childbearing to menopause. My goal is to find the right publisher and get it into the mainstream. I have been contemplating creating a cooking show for a cable network like the Food Network, Oxygen or WE. But most of all, I love teaching people how they can look and feel their very best while enjoying their food more than ever before.”

Personal life:

“My husband and I enjoy entertaining at home and spending buckets of playtime with our kids. I try to create boundaries between my personal life and business life—otherwise I would be talking about food 24 – 7. When you work from home it can be difficult to determine what is work time and what is family time. As a mother, your children and home will demand to come first. Gradually, you’ll find your balance. And ultimately, if mother is happy, the whole household benefits.”

Words of advice:

“Don’t invest your time and money until you have done a thorough analysis of the business. Be a pessimistic not optimistic business plan writer. Be careful what you promise people and always over-deliver.”


TOOLS OF THE TRADE (October 24, 2011)

Dear Natalia Rose Institute, How do I use bentonite clay? I have heard it is a detoxifyer, should I take it every day?

Thank you, Rebekah

The Tools of the Trade

We do not recommend the use of supplements. They address health in an allopathic way, where putting something in to a toxic system is an attempt to fix a problem. This lifestyle puts the focus on the removal of the obstruction that is the cause of the discomfort and disease. The following list of tools are all modalities to assist in the removal of toxic accumulation in the body.*

Bentonite Clay

Sonne’s Detoxificant No.7 is a pure bentonite clay that can be taken internally to help absorb a fatty toxic substance so that it can pass easily along instead of sticking in the tissue. It can also ease gastric distress caused by rancid substances (including those that have turned rancid because they have been trapped in the body at 98.6 degrees for too long).

It should not be taken therapeutically on a daily basis. It is bulky and could actually slow down movement in the system if taken with too much regularity.

Dosage: 1 tbspn with or following a meal

Good timing: Goat milk ice cream, or the occasional buttery sauce will lodge in the clay instead of the intestine and move through the body nicely. This is not a band aid or a repair of damage done, but more to use as a tool for the evenings of planned indulgence that keep us loving this life. Take 1 tablespoon right in the middle of the substance if possible, but afterward will work as well. For example, eat half of your serving, a tbspoon of clay, and then finish your portion.

Bentonite clay is also wonderful for children who are feeling poorly. Because of it’s absorbing properties it can often ease a toxin-ingestion stomach ache.

Aloe Vera

Herbal Answers Aloe is raw and 100% pure. It lubricates the intestinal tract and can soften very hard and caked-on tarry matter.

Dosage: 2-4oz (the cap is a perfect 2 oz measuring tool) each morning on an empty stomach for two weeks will help someone who is having hard and painful releases, or intense colonic treatments. It softens scabby baked-on matter. I like to recommend aloe for clients who have had heavy protein-based diets before cleansing, even if they were eating large amounts of nut-based dishes instead of meat. Think of aloe as a softener and lubricant to help the waste begin to mobilize.

Aloe vera topically straight from the plant (which is easy to grow at home or find in the wild in desert areas like Arizona and New Mexico) is a tried and true burn remedy, and also an herbal treatment for overexposure to the sun. Simply break off a spiny arm and use the clear gel that oozes out as a salve or balm on burn blisters, cracked lips, or on any part of the skin after a long day at the beach.

Castor Oil

Castor oil should not be ingested, but instead applied as a hot pack to the abdomen to help mobilize waste. It can aid the cleansing process by helping bowel movements and making colonics more effective.

Dosage: spread a light layer onto the abdomen and massage it into the skin while lying down. Next, cover the area with a cloth-wrapped hot water bottle and relax for 20 minutes. This method is very effective in the same circumstances as the aloe, performing even more of a lubricative task and helping the older hard matter to gently progress through the large intestine.

Good Timing: This is a nice way to relax before dinner on a cold winter night, in leu of a hot bath. It is also a wonderful remedy for children who are constipated or having hard and painful bowel movements.

CandiGone and Candex

These two herbal formulas help to kill off the Candida yeast that we attempt to diminish with a low starch and sugar approach to eating.

Dosage: Both Candex and CandiGone recommend a twice daily dosage, when in fact taking the whole day’s allotment at once is just as (if not more) effective.

Good Timing: Take these alone and on an empty stomach. Either in the morning or mid-afternoon several hours after lunch.

Oregano Oil

Pure oregano oil is what you want, and there are a lot of inexpensive mixes on the market. Pick the (pricier) glass dropper bottle with cold-pressed oil of oregano as its only ingredient.

Dosage: Two drops on or under the tongue on an empty stomach are an effective way to help irradiate yeast and fungal growth. You can also add a couple of drops to a salad, or a chilled soup (like gazpacho).

Good Timing: This can be taken in conjunction with Candex or CandiGone either first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon well after lunch.


Ascended Health products listed on the site are really special products that both Natalia and I have had great success with. They are able to pass through the stomach’s digestive juices and arrive safely to cultivate in the intestine. Dr Ohirra’s probiotic pearls are also wonderful.

Dosage: You can take the full recommended dosage at once, alone and on an empty stomach.

Good Timing: These work really well if taken several times a year until the bottle runs out. Alternating the two is a great move: first finish a full course of one, and then begin the other. This will cultivate healthy bacteria, which should begin to thrive in your fresh and clean colon.

Body Brush

Herba Prima, and several other companies as well, make wonderful natural bristle body brushes. Use them on dry skin, and first thing in the morning. Start with the feet and work upwards in small firm strokes towards the heart focusing on the lymphatic areas on the backs of the knees and front of the pelvis (bikini line/hip joint). Work towards your center. Then start at the fingertips and repeat, also moving in towards your middle. You can also concentrate some additional attention on the backs of the thighs, or other areas you would like to help loosen. This gives your epidermal layer a faster turnover time, and sends blood rushing through the body. Your chi will be free-flowing, and your lymphatic system properly draining. And just watch that cellulite start to diminish…

Coconut Oil

This is our favorite moisturizer. If applied after bath or shower time, the skin will be luxuriously soft and silky. You can use it on the face if it’s not too heavy for you, but often summer is not the time for such a greasy layer. Coconut oil and aloe vera also help the skin recuperate from sun damage, so if you’re spending your summer getting a little overexposed, ending your day with coconut oil before bedtime is a great way to love your skin.


ReboundAir and Belicon are the rebounder companies we’ve chosen to feature on the site. ReboundAir makes a model that folds neatly in half and slides under the bed or couch for easy storage (and easy travel). We favor this type of body movement for many reasons.

1. First, the impact increases bone density the way any impact aerobic activity will, without the accompanying joint and tissue damage of an activity like running. No aching knees or sagging breast tissue here! It’s safe and easy for bodies that may still be holding extra weight which would otherwise add too much strain to the frame of the body.

2. Rebounding helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, and makes a marked difference in cellulite areas. It tightens and lifts, and works the whole body at once.

3. The squeeze of pressure that you feel at the top of each just is assisting each cell in the body with detoxification.

Try starting with jazz-stye high kicks (landing on first one leg, then the other) with alternating arm swings. The kicking leg is using the whole front of the leg, the landing leg the back of the leg and buttock, the arms and abs are incorporated. You will really see and feel the results.

YouTube and many bookstores have more rebounding video workouts to find the motion that feels right for you. Start with a 10 minute workout and build your way up to half an hour to 45 minutes. I’ve found rebounding to be most effective (like most workouts) when used daily for a period, followed by a break. Keep the body guessing. Or just use it on rainy or cold days when outdoor movement doesn’t feel right.

Note: When the body is more burdened with toxic accumulation rebounding will be more difficult. As you cleanse, you will be able to stay on your rebounder longer and longer.

•This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.


Coffee (September 26, 2011)

Dear Ana,

Every morning I keep trying to give up my coffee and I just can’t seem to go through the whole day without caving in and having one small cup. How bad is coffee? Is it keeping me from moving forward with detoxification?



A: Hi Marley,

Thank you for your email. Here are the facts about coffee:

1. It is acidic. When we are trying to mobilize old toxic acidic waste using alkaline foods like green juice and raw fruit and vegetables it works against us by adding a daily dose of acidity.

2. Because it is a stimulant it is not recommended on any yeast or Candida cleansing eating regimes. If you are trying to cleanse intestinal yeast growth it will not help you.

3. All stimulants can contribute to adrenal fatigue, which I know many of my clients are dealing with. They stimulate a low-grade fight or flight response which overwhelms a delicate system in a world where we are in a constant state of panic already (traffic, scary movies, financial fear, etc).

4. It creates a false sense of energy that keeps us from getting in touch with our body’s natural rhythms and really listening to which substances drag us down and which substances elevate us. It would be hard to tell, for example, if you were needed to lighten your lunch meal because it was making you too tired if you’ve just had coffee.

If you are going to continue having coffee, please do it in the most intelligent way. We all must respect where we are on our transitional journey, and if coffee is still a part of your day, it’s ok. It is hardly the worst thing you can do, and there is a smart way to place a cup o’ Joe.

1. Keep it at least 30 minutes separate from your green juice so that it’s acidity does not lower the alkaline Ph of the vegetable juice.

2. If you must have something in your coffee, use stevia for sweetener, and only almond milk or heavy cream (NOT half and half) which has a lower casein content and will be less sticky and mucous-forming that less fatty cow dairy.

3. Try to balance your acidity. If you are having coffee, wine, and dark chocolate it may be too much if you. For example, I am not a wine drinker, and I will only have the occasional espresso if I know I am not touching dark chocolate or anything else acidic during my day.

4. Americano coffee is a great suggestion for a way to get a creamy espresso-based drink that needs no cream or almond milk. A little stevia and nutmeg makes it delicious without making it any heavier.

5. Lastly, remember that for every false high, there must be a low. Keep a careful watch on your day and if you are more likely to overeat or have an emotional binge in the late afternoon or evening it may be because you are very sensitive and the caffeine letdown is affecting you at that time. It can make you feel sad, irritable, depressed, and hopeless. Just start to notice the rhythms created by the stimulation and if they make things harder for you it may be time to gently give it up.

Coffee is one of the little extras, like wine and chocolate, that add a little acidity to the day without being too sticky in the tissue. It can have a place if you are not ready to say goodbye yet and would like to honor and respect where you are on your path. However, it certainly does not serve your body’s higher good.