We’ve had such a fulfilling few months here at Natalia Rose Institute, from our 3-Day Guided Juice Fast and now the 30-Day Guided Rose Cleanse. The participants are now in deep stages of cleansing and mind/body renewal. They are crossing the bridge to a new level of consciousness and freedom from their physical limitations. The numbers of individuals we’re working with are growing exponentially, which means waves of people are releasing old waste and obstruction–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually–and emerging with far greater clarity. Such transformation is possible for all who undergo deep-tissue cleansing and work to dissolve their social conditioning.

The NRI team and I are at an interesting juncture right now. At a time when this work is growing rapidly in widespread appreciation, there is a call for me to return to the hearth–a call I cannot deny because it comes from a new baby who will be born in a few weeks and will need a mother in the most primal way.

Rule #1: Never oppose nature; always flow with life. So, if I am to live in harmony with life, I will take 3 to 6 months after the baby’s birth to focus almost exclusively on this quintessentially formative time with the new soul. I’ve written and spoken about the sacredness of the first 100 days, nursing on demand, attachment parenting, and co-sleeping, all of which I believe to be essential to the physical and spiritual health of a new baby.

As some of you know, Doris is also pregnant and expecting at the end of March. So if you wish to attend the Culinary Institute <a href=”/events.php#220123”>www.detoxtheworld.com/events.php#220123</a> or enjoy her meal deliveries, now is the time to seize those opportunities!

We will be gathering in June for the Advanced Training which is also available for remote students to tune into live online. You can learn more about that here: <a href=”/events.php”>www.detoxtheworld.com/events.php</a>

You will be in excellent hands with our team. I trust you will all persevere in your transformative work. Remember, you have the power to break through any perceived limitation if you can just identify the nature of the obstruction and take the cleansing steps to remove it!

With Great Love,