Systematic Under-Eating


It’s important to appreciate that even by decreasing your intake of food by even just 20% over the course of just 2 or 3 days, your body/system will respond in markedly favorable ways!


You don’t have to fast or go hard core green/raw/vegan to get things shifting in the right direction. The body is so responsive – so just stop over-eating, for starters. ‘Systematic under-eating’ is a brilliant approach and not at all what it sounds like. I realize the term conjures up starvation and deprivation. But in actuality it’s simply a matter of not over-eating. Most people eat at least 20% more at each meal than the body can reasonably be expected to process.


Easier than Fasting


Of course, ideally, the body doesn’t like substances that are not high-water-content-plant-based. But for whatever reason, you may not be there yet. Don’t make it an all or nothing proposition. A few days of ‘systematic under-eating’ is a whole lot easier than fasting and make no mistake, it will help hugely. The decreased burden of digestion and lessened fermentation will result in a significantly decreased inflammation which will show up as a tightening everywhere (because tightening/contraction/restoration to integrity is happening inside, in the organs & tissues)!


Every little bit counts. Decrease the burden = see the results!


Release the Body’s Overload


The body reflects everything right back to you each morning based on the day before. The decreased demand will allow your organs to contract to a more normal state and not be in a hyper-attentive state of stress overload.


Achieve your Goals


You’ll look & feel so much better just by ‘systematic under-eating’ for a few days. Then, you’ll be more likely to take another step and then another because you’ll be riding the wave. The feelings that come from the small improvements will carry you all the way to the sunny shores of the physique and vitality of your dreams in time!


Try it & you’ll see!


In loving service,