Bloating During Detoxification and Combining Tomatos (October 6, 2009)

I have been following the program to a tee for the past 3 days and have shed 3 pounds. However, I feel very bloated and my stomach feels very heavy. I do have regular bowel movements, but that does not seem to help. Any suggestions? -Yigal

I’m glad you asked, as this is very common. Here’s what is happening; We know that as unfit substances enter the body they are not completely passed through. They leave a residue which is baked into our poor intestinal walls at 98.6 degrees, pushed further and further into the soft and spongy tissue until these toxins enter the blood stream. So what happens when this tarry and dehydrated matter is flooded with water-rich alkaline foods and veggie juices? It is re-hydrated and reconstituted to a much larger size, which will feel bloated and weighty in the bowel. This is where colon hydrotherapy becomes such a powerful tool; as simple and easy as taking out the [overstuffed and smelly] trash. Another way to handle this situation is to back off the cleansing slightly by making sure to include a small amount of cooked food after your raw lunch and/or dinner. Taking a small step back will always yield an amazing movement.

I had a quick question…should I treat tomatoes or a fruit or a vegetable? If I treat them as a fruit I probably shouldn’t be eating them with starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes…and probably shouldn’t be eating them with my meals. I know they’re technically a fruit, but considering they’re so often used in salads and not as sweet as other fruits can I treat them as a vegetable? Thanks so much! – Elaine

Food combining rules have a couple of quirks. Elaine is quite right, tomatoes can be combined as a neutral raw vegetable. I often enjoy them on a salad that includes both baked beets and raw goat cheese. You can absolutely get away with adding them to a protein meal, and to any salad, as well as combining them with only fruits. Avocado is another exception, and can be combined as a fruit, or as a starchy vegetable. You can follow a delicious avocado salad with a baked sweet potato with no repercussions.