Mind Matrix


I wanted to reach out to you to share another alternative for taking your life back in these very strange, chaotic and confusing times, and I want to help you to dissolve the “mind matrix”, which is a pervasive network that is all around us.


The Law of Mentalism


The Law of Mentalism states that everything that exists comes from a mental field… but you need to know that the ‘dark side’ can’t create anything in and of itself – it can only mirror back what already exists! In order to gain power it has to pull power from the living forces – it cannot generate power or creativity on its own.


DNA from Corruptions – Our Children


Whatever we bring our attention to we bring our energy to, and this is important to bear in mind with our children, who are coming into the world relatively pure – that is, straight from source, although there are also cultural memories in their DNA from corruptions that have been caused from many, many generations back. Think of a baby as being mostly pure soul force and when they come into the world and up until about seven years of age, children are in the delta and theta states, which means that their brainwaves change and evolve every four years or so.


In many ways their minds are this open vessel that is able to take in any information… and yet it winds up taking in the worst information through the form of its intake, through formulas and junk food and grain cereals and refined substances and animal products, all of which carry very inharmonious vibrations.


My hope is that what I have to share with you in this voice message will help you to open the doors of the mental cages that attempt to hold back your personal and soul force expansion, so that you can really experience life as it is supposed to be.


in loving service,