Is it almost Summertime for you? It is for me!


Hot tips to cool a sweltering, summer heatwave with one special substance!


On a hot hot day, we could all use a cool companion. Essential oil of peppermint is just that. Peppermint is cooling in the extreme.


I place a drop on my tongue and apply tiny dabs just inside my nasal passages – this will cool you down & kill pathogens in the throat & sinuses. So definitely use it that way if you are in moldy places or feel you may have been exposed to air-born germs.


And for further cooling I’ve got 3 more tips for using essential oil of peppermint:


  1. Place a few drops on the soles of your feet which will cool you quickly and last a good hour or so.


  1. Put a few drops in your water. Mint is intensely Yin which is why She is so cooling.


  1. Place a drop on the top of the head at the crown and in the case of migraines, also on the temples.


Reduce Fevers with Peppermint Oil


N.B. I have used this method successfully many times to reduce fevers naturally when parents were nervous about the fevers their children were running but did not want to medicate them. The oils work synergistically with the body so they will never interfere with a necessary process like burning off the ‘bad stuff’ but the body will use them to the degree it needs them if/when it does. It’s always a compliment, never a detriment.


May you feel much more at ease this summer with your cool companion, Madame Peppermint!


In loving service,