When we talk about wanting more energy in our daily lives, what are we really talking about? When we come home dead exhausted from a long day at work, or wake up the next morning feeling anything but rested, or when we feel completely unmotivated and have no greater desire than to plop ourselves in front of the TV with a bowlful of ice cream, what is really wrong? Well, now that we have reacquainted ourselves with the life cycle, it is time to talk about that most coveted and elusive of elixirs—life force energy!

Radiant and Receptive Energies

All living things pulse with radiant and receptive energies.For example, on the microcosmic scale, let’s take the atom: the nucleus, with its positively charged proton, is radiant, while the negatively charged electrons surrounding it arereceptive; our whole material world is composed of atoms that adhere to this principle of mutual attraction. Or, on the macrocosmic scale, let’s take the solar system: the sun is theradiant body to which the Earth (and our neighboring planets) are attracted. The Earth receives the radiant energy from the sun, incubates it, and conceives life from it. This solar-terrestrial partnership conceives all manner of microbes, insects, plants, animals, humans, and evolutionary life.

It can help to think of it this essential pairing of radiant and receptive energies in terms of male and female energies, especially as symbolized in the ancient Chinese yin-yang symbol: the yin is the female principle; the yang, the male. The symbol represents love by illustrating the attraction between the two complementary energies, and the wave between them represents the life force that they conceive together. This is the great trinity of life, and it can take place within your own body – creating beautiful cells, tissues, organs, bones, and shapes – if you create the right environment for it!

However, if radiant and receptive energies are to join and create new life forms, they must be able to conduct freely and continually self-regenerate. This requires the absence of obstruction. If you want to cultivate a healthy, beautiful, vibrant body, it is essential that you grasp this principle of free-flowing, unobstructed conductivity. This is what we mean when we talk about life force energy. So please, for a moment, stop counting calories and popping vitamins and simply let the importance of this principle sink in. No foods, vitamins, or dietary supplements can revitalize a body like freely conducting life force energy.

The more life force energy that an organism radiates and receives, the greater its capacity for self-regeneration, and the more highly evolved it becomes in the natural world. Life force is everywhere: in and around us, in the air, in the water, in the sunlight, and – to whatever degree of vibrancy – in the cells of our bodies. In our mainstream culture, however, we tend to value only that which we can see with our naked eyes: dense, lifeless materials and substances that often obstruct the flow of life force and ultimately destroy it. This value system has corrupted the ways we typically feed and maintain our bodies.


This means that if we want energy and vitality in our lives, the waves of radiant and receptive energies within and around us cannot be impeded – they must be allowed to conduct freely, without obstruction. If we throw up all kinds of roadblocks, we will only set off a cycle of decomposition and degeneration. Removing such obstructions from the body is the fundamental principle of detoxing, or cellular cleansing.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. To put this in more accessible everyday terms, ask yourself these questions: How does it feel when you need to use the bathroom but force yourself to wait until you reach your destination? Or when you hold back tears, laughter, or a sneeze? Or when you repress a painful emergent truth? Invariably, it feels uncomfortable, sometimes deeply so, and eventually you will have to release whatever you’ve kept pent up – or else experience stagnation. Stagnation creates an ideal environment for decomposing agents (whether we’re talking bacteria or negative emotions), which serve to break life forms down when their environments become unsustainable.

Now apply this same principle of obstruction v. freely conducting life force energy to your diet. If you’re struggling with body, health, or weight issues, it’s probably in large part due to the kinds of substances you’re consuming. If you continue to eat dense, low-energy substances that create blockages in your system, you will experience stagnation in your stomach, in your bloodstream, and in your cells.

A World of Obstruction

A life of obstruction and stagnation is no life at all. It is a protracted decomposition. I’m afraid this is increasingly our reality in all spheres of life. What’s devitalizing for our bodies is devitalizing for our environment, and vice versa. The Earth’s decay is our decay. In the name profit and instant gratification, we are systematically choking off the life force of our whole planet, without realizing that we humans will degenerate to the point of extinction long before the Earth does. As we make the shortsighted, lazy choices that pour toxic waste into the water and soil, we are poisoning our water and food supplies, which are rapidly deteriorating our cells, organs, and blood. The human species is getting weaker and weaker from one generation to the next, trudging through the days of our lives in stagnated bodies.

When you start to see the larger picture, instead of obsessing over the numbers on a scale, you will begin to understand the underlying causes of your compromised body. You’ll become less afraid to deviate from the norms in order to enact real change in your life. You will see that a beautiful body is the result of a life-generating paradigm, and that shortsighted weight-loss schemes can only perpetuate the suffering.

If you are struggling with weight gain, acne, or various health issues that leave you feeling sad, sluggish, and ugly, this means your life force is compromised. The radiant and receptive energies within and around you are not conducting freely, much less being given a chance to regenerate beautiful new cells and tissues. Think about what you are putting into your body and your environment that may be causing blockages and preventing you from absorbing all the nutrients you need. Think about how you have let peer pressure and today’s mainstream culture invade your mindset and direct your choices toward painful results.

Opportunities to practice your discernment abound. At every moment, life presents a choice because it is constantly changing. As conscious beings, every one of us plays a part in our evolution or de-evolution; we can choose to be constructive or destructive, active or reactive, life-generating or life-deteriorating, stagnating in obstructed bodies or freely conducting life force energy!

So take the time each day to honestly ask yourself: Am I humming with free-flowing life force energy? Do I feel harmonious and whole? Or do I fragmented and blocked? Am I stagnating? Where? What are the possible causes of obstruction? Will my next thought/action/behavior conduct health, beauty, harmony, and vitality?

This concludes our third lesson. In next week’s edition of The Rose Program Insider, we will build on this discussion with a closer look at the herd mentality that has usurped your power for far too long!”