The Enlightener


Believe it or not, I resist boasting too much about The Enlightener because frankly we have to screen those who receive it very carefully and then they are hand-held through the set up. Each Enlightener client’s success is closely monitored by me personally. This ensures the customer has a brilliant experience with it. But my schedule can only handle so many sales per month. However, I feel the need to boast here – well, maybe not to boast but to make an important connection vis a vis The Enlightener.


Anyone who follows health & wellness closely knows there are extreme environmental factors acting upon us in modern times which are only escalating hugely: environmental chemical toxins like glyphosates, plastics, BPA’s, environmental estrogens, heavy metals like mercury and lead, mold, pathogens like the Borrelia found in Lyme and the ‘happy munchers’ of all these things, PARASITES.


The interaction of this toxic soup is the reason everyone is becoming exponentially sicker and weaker by the day. HOWEVER, these substances lodge in the waste matter in your colon and in the tissues throughout your body (and brain). And what those who truly wish to heal truly need to grasp is this: by moving the waste out of the body consistently via thorough colon cleansing and thereby creating a vacuum in the large intestine to draw the waste deeper in the tissues into the center of the consistently emptying large intestine, the waste with all those chemicals, metals, disruptors, mold and parasites gets extracted from the whole body! It’s a silver bullet solution that unequivocally trumps any method of removing these agents attempted without extensive colon cleansing.


I see all these health practitioners academically addressing the perils of the environmental poisons and parasites. Some apply aggressive herbs and even a few enemas here and there and yes, some parasites come whizzing out and some degree of healing often results.


And that’s all good. But it’s not great!


It’s a way to some improvements, but their patients and clients are still battling with symptoms and illnesses after these protocols because at its very best it’s killing and chelating a bunch of parasites and toxic garbage but it’s a puddle by comparison to the ocean of waste & toxic substances/parasites that are actually in the person’s body. The ‘ocean of waste’ can only be removed by consistent, thorough colon cleansing (several times a week for chronic illness, not once every so often).


Furthermore, there’s the time-delay agony: it would take 4 months to do with parasite exterminators and natural binding agents what it could take 4 days to do with these tools coupled with The Enlightener (or daily visits to your trusted local colon hydrotherapist).


Never forget this: all success in healing the biological terrain is directly related to the quantity of waste removal. Without thorough colon cleansing it takes far too long and the results are far too limited.


Those who have first-hand experience with the extent of colon cleansing necessarily know this and will corroborate it.


What’s more, the complications of all the academic detail around what supplements are needed to support the process can be disbanded. You don’t need quantities of parasite support supplements when you simply awaken the waste through the tried-and-true dietetic protocol and release that waste in equal measure!


Yes, I’m a big fan of taking a strong herbal parasite -eviscerating blend with artemisinin, black walnut hull, clove and mimosa pudica (or some variety like this). But then it is for the colon to be expertly expelled of the drawn-up waste so it can all come out and create that miraculous vacuum enabling you to release more toxicity more deeply every time.


The proof is in the results. Your health, beauty & vitality will always be directly equal to the quantity of waste you remove.


One more time: The environmental garbage is in the waste and the waste is embedded throughout your whole body. Start removing it and all those ‘bad boys’ will come out with it!


This is why The Enlightener is the silver-bullet, comprehensive solution. You can use it as much as you like based on what you know you need.


It’s in your body until The Enlightener is in your hands! And then your body can be free of it – in record time!


In loving service,