Detoxing from the Matrix-Mind Construct- Why do it?


Because the Matrix-mind stands in our way of being God-realized. When we slay, shed and disjoin from this artificial parasitic entity, we transmute all false codes, retaining and restoring only our true Source-codes.  From there, we really begin to wake up fully, flow fully, embody the Forces of Light fully – and best of all, we can bring an end to the human incarnation cycle.


Understanding the Matrix


Think of the Matrix as gravity (the grave) and imagine that with its dissolution comes your natural ascension.


All the meditation, positive thinking, mantra repetitions, mudras, plant medicine journeys, prayer and tissue cleansing in the world will still result in your ‘stuckness’ in the Matrix-mind if not done with the deliberate and determined purpose of shedding the Matrix-mind.


The above mentioned practices can certainly help one expunge the Matrix but, in order to do so, they must be approached with that intention.


It is time for those who wish, to finally graduate and ascend from the trapped, lower states in which we’ve been imprisoned.  Disjoining from the Matrix is key. Your Soul is waiting for you to do this. When you see that this artifice is obstructing your development, you can reach inside and remove it. It is in your power! It is now a choice. You have the knowledge!


in loving service,