The Chalkboard Mag: A Day in the Life with Natalia Rose

OUR GUEST THIS MONTH, Natalia Rose, is inspiring from head-to-toe. Her killer physique, wealth of wellness wisdom, and generous attitude toward life all make her a stand-out health superstar. But when it comes to living that family life, we think Natalia makes an especially notable role model!


7:00 AM

Get kids, Thandi, 12 & Tommy, 10, ready for school

7:30 AM

Make 15mo baby Electra’s raw baby shake, feed her & play with her

9:00 AM

Rebound or ride bike & sauna – sometimes I take business calls in there!

11:00 AM

Meditate with either Anita Briggs or Almine guided meditations – both of which elevate me to a markedly higher frequency.

12:00-3:00 PM

Write, develop and prepare for upcoming courses; touch base with Natalia Rose Institute team on top goal projects

3:00 PM

Call Health Nuts for grocery delivery: with so many mouths to feed this is almost a daily activity – often I’ll take Electra and get the items myself and enjoy a green juice as we shop.

3:15 PM

Pick up kids from school & drop older daughter off at ballet

4:00 PM

I’ll try to sneak in a few moments on my inversion board to rebalance. This is a quick fix for my mind and body between the two intense parts of my day.  I get fresh blood to my organs, give my internal organs a chance to breath in a way they can’t when I’m right side up and something about being upside down helps me get a better perspective on all things.

4:15 PM

Head to favorite local juice bar for daily fix of wheatgrass & green juice

4:30 PM

Oversee children’s homework & manage myriad of household demands…this is the second intense part of the day, the first being running the business side of things on a very limited amount of time while the kids are at school.

6:00 PM

Prepare beautiful raw salad such as baby romaine, sunflower sprouts, dulse, nori & tahini dressing, served with a plate of bohita and cerignola olives and sweet potato slices

Feed each child dinner of choice

6:45 PM

Darling husband comes home and the children flock to him!

7:00 PM

We dine and connect.

8:00 PM

Play with baby in nursery with all the kids – we have lots of fun & laughs here!

9:00 PM

I lay down with baby while hubby puts big kids to bed and hopefully she sleeps through the night so we can have plenty of fresh energy for the next epic day…

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